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Times of Violence

The Shifting Temporalities of Long-Term Ethnographic Engagement with Burundi

Simon Turner

Rwanda among other things) had made the racial body maps and the ethno-nationalist standard narratives of the 1980s obsolete ( Turner 2010 ), giving way to competing narratives about the nature of the ethnic conflict in Burundi. Liisa Malkki and I did

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Moving on

Italy as a stepping stone in migrants’ imaginaries

Anna Tuckett

and the assumption that Italian-ness can be detected through a certain kind of racialized body. Being defined as “other” in such stereotypical and negative terms based on appearance was a frequent cause for complaint among those with migrant

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Guarding the Body

Private Security Work in Rio de Janeiro

Erika Robb Larkins

pública e segurança privada: Estudo exploratório com dados de uma perquisa de survey . O Público e o Privado 26 : 207 – 231 . McCallum , Cecilia . 2005 . “ Racialized Bodies, Naturalized Classes: Moving through the City of Salvador da Bahia

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Laborers, Migrants, Refugees

Managing Belonging, Bodies, and Mobility in (Post)Colonial Kenya and Tanzania

Hanno Brankamp and Patricia Daley

institutional aspiration of ordering racialized bodies in space. Managing “Foreign” Africans: Refugees and Exiles in Postcolonial Kenya and Tanzania British colonial legislation laid down the basic tenets of the respective future national laws dealing

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Black Spatial Affordances and the Residential Ecologies of the Great Migration

Amani C. Morrison

-making, making historical precedent and social custom large influencers of present and future action of an individual or institution ( Bourdieu 1990: 53 ). If racial ideology manifests in space and place such that certain racialized bodies—to include physical

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Doing Barzakh, Making Boza

Betwixt and Between Migration and Immigration in Tangier

A. George Bajalia

Union . Stanford, CA : Stanford University Press . Gazzotti , L. 2021 . ‘ (Un)Making Illegality: Border Control, Racialized Bodies and Differential Regimes of Illegality in Morocco ’. The Sociological Review 69 ( 2 ): 277 – 295 . https

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Mobilizing Cultural Studies

The Pedagogy of Walking, Field Trips, and the KwaZulu-Natal Battlefields Route

Sarah Gibson

drink water. They were also impatient to return to the bus for their lunch. These experiences remind us that walking is an embodied experience, as walkers are “lumpy, fragile, aged, gendered, racialized bodies.” 126 The rhythm of walking is often

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Book Reviews

Milena Kirova, Lex Heerma van Voss, Chiara Bonfiglioli, Noemi Stoichkova, Niya Neykova, Marija Bosančić, Zorana Simić, Daniela Koleva, Katarzyna Stańczak-Wiślicz, Raia Apostolova, Momchil Hristov, and Birgitta Bader-Zaar

attention of both scholars and political activists at a time of extraordinary violence against women's, queer, and racialized bodies in former socialist states and beyond. Todorova's book would have gained tremendously if the author had engaged with

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Ishmael at the Table of Abraham

Black Queer Religious Hermeneutics and Afro-Brazilian LGBTQ Evangelicals

Andrea S. Allen

white spaces that are oriented toward and around white racialized bodies. In Queer Phenomenology , Sara Ahmed theorizes that “bodies become orientated by how they take up time and space” (2006: 5). When bodies are queered, whether racially and

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New Research

The Performance of Curation in WifiBody 2020 as Virtual Body; The Gates of Discomfort; A Rural Dance Festival in the Palm of Your Hand; Merging Asynchronous Sounds into Synchronous Voices

Myra Beltran, Angela Conquet, Christo Doherty, Athena Mazarakis, and Roselle Pineda

materialities only cater to Western systems of taste and imagination, if all that is different is other -ed? Might it be that in other-ing (folkloric bodies, diasporic bodies, migrant bodies, racialized bodies, disabled bodies, aging bodies), we see either fear