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Pegida in Parliament?

Explaining the Failure of Pegida in Austria

Farid Hafez

Austria mobilized participants for the street battle in Germany between Hooligans and Salafists. 69 According to the döw , the Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance, which documents right-wing extremism in Austria, the Facebook page of hogesa

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Death in June and the Apoliteic Specter of Neofolk in Germany

Mirko M. Hall

Turner-Graham, a historian of right-wing extremism, these critiques of Death in June and other bands tapped into a number of “popular dialogues” at that time that addressed “European identity, its composition and the way in which Europe’s cataclysmic past

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Germany's Approach to Countering Antisemitism since Reunification

Thomas Just

group followers. After the first wash, the writing on the shirts would disappear and be replaced with the words “What your shirt did, you can do too. We will help you leave right-wing extremism behind.” 48 The zdk also organizes marches and

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Book Reviews

Klaus Berghahn, Russell Dalton, Jason Verber, Robert Tobin, Beverly Crawford, and Jeffrey Luppes

views on the exceptionality of the Third Reich. Normalized views of Hitler and the Nazis could have real ramifications there in terms of foreign and economic policy but also on domestic issues like data collection, integration, and right-wing extremism

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The Enduring Effect of Immigration Attitudes on Vote Choice

Evidence from the 2021 German Federal Election

Hannah M. Alarian

concerns, and rising right-wing extremism and violence. Instead, it appears that a stable contingency of the electorate—present throughout the country—perceives immigration as one of the most important political problems in Germany despite the pronounced

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A Zeitenwende Indeed

Eric Langenbacher

wage and working to increase the affordability of housing, especially in the booming cities. 38 Combating right-wing extremism will be a higher priority. There are also a variety of possible liberalizing reforms, such as eliminating the prohibition on

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From the Eternal Grand Coalition to the Traffic Light Alliance

The German Party System before and after the 2021 Federal Election

Frank Decker and Philipp Adorf

therefore home to a five-party system. Notable compared to the development of party systems in most other Western democracies was the absence of a far-right party. In particular, the continued stigmatization of right-wing extremism, the cdu / csu' s

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“Revenge of the East”?

The AfD's Appeal in Eastern Germany and Mainstream Parties’ Responses

Jennifer A. Yoder

and commissioned by the German federal government, called “Causes and Background for Right-Wing Extremism, Xenophobia and Xenophobic Motivated Attacks in East Germany,” suggested that the gdr , as a homogeneous society with very few and relatively

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What Do (Parties Think) Women and LGBTI Citizens Want?

Party Platforms, Gender, and Sexuality in the 2021 German Federal Election

Louise K. Davidson-Schmich

personal security “cannot be a question of … gender [or] sexual identity.” They call for greater police oversight, warning about “anti-feminist” right-wing extremism in the state security services. 75 Finally, the party argues that prostitutes need “rights

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Pulling up the Drawbridge

Anti-Immigrant Attitudes and Support for the Alternative for Germany among Russian-Germans

Michael A. Hansen and Jonathan Olsen

, Die Alternative für Deutschland. Programmatik. Entwicklung und politische Verortung,” German Politics 26, no. 2 (2017): 334–335; Samuel Salzborn, “Renaissance of the New Right in Germany? A Discussion of New Right Elements in German Right-Wing