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Contesting Paradigms in Society’s Poverty Alleviation and Development Arena

Theoretical Debates on Agency

Sunday Paul Chinazo Onwuegbuchulam and Khondlo Mtshali

, as the state or organisations do not really act; rather, it is individuals who act. The ontological status of organisations in society’s different spheres is thus contested, an issue that the SiSA enunciates ( Migdal 1988 , 1994 ). Thus, it is

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Colonising ‘Free’ Will

A Critique of Political Decolonisation in Ghana

Bernard Forjwuor

inflected, as the right to declare independence by the Ghanaian is subverted, and in its place, the colonial master usurps that role to grant such authority. By this act of granting political liberty alone, the Ghanaian is still constructed as ontologically

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A Critique of Thaddeus Metz's Modal Relational Account of Moral Status

Olusegun Steven Samuel and Ademola Kazeem Fayemi

traces his African ethical theory to the ubuntu understanding of the traditional African worldview. The idea of ubuntu did not originate with Metz, and he was not the first to offer normative, ontological and ecological explanations of ubuntu

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A Negative Theory of Justice

Towards a Critical Theory of Power Relations

Leonard Mazzone

, for example, the emancipation process relies on ideal principles that can be discovered through reason, given that they belong to an ontological moral order, regardless of any human creation. 9 Kant provides a model of moral constructivism, according

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Invoking a World of Ideas

Theory and Interpretation in the Justification of Colonialism

David Boucher

). The philosophies of history of R. G. Collingwood (1993 , 1998 , 2005a , 2005b ) and Michael Oakeshott (1933 , 1983 ), and the ontological hermeneutics of Hans-Georg Gadamer (1975 , 1976 ) are particularly pertinent. What I am doing is a form of

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Sources of Anxiety About the Party in Radical Political Theory

Marcelo Hoffman

to contend for state power. He submitted that in the predominant ‘ontology of organisation, or of the modern party’, parties perform ‘expressive’ and ‘instrumental’ functions: liberal and Marxist parties seek not only to represent opinions and

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Liberty through Political Representation and Rights Recognition

Christopher J. Allsobrook

international moral rights follow from some ontology of the person. However, he maintains, customary international law and the rights recognition thesis offer more adequate accounts of what it means to have universal rights and obligations (2011: 752). Boucher

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Deleuze's Postscript on the Societies of Control

Updated for Big Data and Predictive Analytics

James Brusseau

Guattari 1987 ). Ontologically, this regeneration corresponds with the privileging of difference over identity at the production of being itself ( Deleuze 1983 ), but what's more humanly pressing is this question: What experiences create immunity from past

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Claims of Need in Property Law and Politics

Patrick Cockburn

-language may end up in conservatism because progressive social aspirations ‘are given the same ontological form and moral value’ as, for example, property rights, which means that a dispute where opposing moral claims clash will ‘appear as a conflict over

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Creating the People as ‘One’?

On Democracy and Its Other

Marta Nunes da Costa

its own destruction. Ultimately, I have tried to show that what truly guides the democratic project is the permanent contestation of the meaning of ‘the people’, rather than its ontological status; this implies that no identity problem (nor search for