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Book Reviews

Aaron Freundschuh, Jonah D. Levy, Patricia Lorcin, Alexis Spire, Steven Zdatny, Caroline Ford, Minayo Nasiali, George Ross, William Poulin-Deltour, and Kathryn Kleppinger

cultural dimensions of magic. The book is divided into seven chapters, of which only four deal directly with activities in Algeria, the remaining three chapters being more concerned with the analogies between magic and illusionary performance or

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Organized Freedom and Progressive Reflection

Cameron Bassiri

particular other fulfilling that function and can be further distinguished from the performance of the other in the comparison of her results, efficiency, and so on. The difference constituted by this negation is essential for her identity; it retains the

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From Political Fringe to Political Mainstream

The Front National and the 2014 Municipal Elections in France

Gabriel Goodliffe

Following Marine Le Pen’s record electoral performance in the 2012 presidential elections, in which she won an unprecedented 17.9% of the vote, the Front national (FN) resumed its electoral progress in the 2014 municipal elections. * In March 2014

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Book Reviews

Camille Robcis and Benjamin Poole

). Performances of theater, literature, and history sought to enlighten the masses with (national) culture. Unsurprisingly, these programs gratified paternalistic elites (on both the left and the right) more than popular audiences, who preferred the (often

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Gender, Empire, and the Politics of Regeneration

Christopher E. Forth

manhood. For the British as well as the French, the credible performance of masculinity often required an unsustainable balancing act: on one hand, the polished refinements of the “civilized” gentleman that, when seen as excessive, might cause him to seem

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Incarnation, Alienation, and Emancipation

A Sartrean Analysis of Filmic Violence

Daniel Sullivan

across his career. Rourke's “comeback” performance potentially overwhelms any other reading, personalizing and de-realizing the film's brutality, reducing it to the Hollywood equivalent of the alienated violence it ironically portrays. While this danger

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How and Why “Bobos” Became French

Scott Gunther

38 Psychology François Male 43 Radio Elisabeth Female 49 Music performance Gabrielle Female 47 Cinema Julien Male 45 Publishing Xavier Male 48 Music performance Thomas Male 33 Academe Rachel Female 41 Curating Anne Female 38 Fashion Brigitte Female 47

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What Was So Funny about Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob (1973)

A Comedic Film between History and Memory

Michael Mulvey

fixed identifications by showing gentile audiences de Funès’s performance of Judaism removed from nineteenth-century xenophobia and twentieth-century racist caricature. 14 As the fictional Pivert, de Funès mocked the notion of stable identity through

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Populism and the Failures of Representation

Suzanne Berger

contrary: the Front national won almost 11 million votes—a total that far exceeded their previous performances. For an American political scientist still astonished and baffled by Trump’s populist victory, the crystal ball of prediction looks very cloudy

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Book Reviews

Michael Miller, Paul V. Dutton, and Laura Hobson Faure

political program ( une politique ) and why this program of public health in France could not, despite such a convincing performance during the war, be recast into a national health care system during the interwar period that followed….” (22). Put