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Book Roundtable

Discussion text: Chin, C. 2018. The Practice of Political Theory: Rorty and Continental Thought.

Lasse Thomassen, Joe Hoover, David Owen, Paul Patton, and Clayton Chin

, strengths and weaknesses of Rorty's philosophical project, even as it notes a feature of Rorty's thought that he has in common with Habermas, namely, an instrumental or strategic relation to other philosophers and social or political theorists in which they

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Apartheid of Thought

The Power Dynamics of Knowledge Production in Political Thought

Camilla Boisen and Matthew C. Murray

was or is it justified as many ideal practices rigorously are as natural or fixed? And can or ought we look at this with a greater critical eye? We assert merit to arguments based upon the strength of an idea and/or its expression comparatively and

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Jafta Masemola's Master Key

Experimental Notes on Azanian Aesthetic Theory

Athi Mongezeleli Joja

strength of the neocolonial system but also in the interpellative power of its discursive practices, as constitutive of what historian Hosea Jaffe might call the colonial ‘modes’ of production ( 1994: 5 ). The repudiation of previously heretic concepts is

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Professor Anna Stilz and Interviewed by Dr Christine Hobden

maybe highlight for us what the strengths of your account are in this respect, in being able to explain clearly the wrongs of colonialism and imperialism? AS: I think the wrong of colonialism and imperialism is overdetermined; there are many different

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Tal Correm

strength. Being instrumental, violence is not only different from power but also its opposite. Power, in contrast to violence that is mute and does not require concerted action, is generated when people act together in the public realm. It is not a

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Bernard Matolino

different from both Eze and Wiredu. However, he unwittingly undermines the strength of Eze’s objection by imagining that there could be a system that embraces both the rational and the non-rational. He does that by positing non-rational factors as important

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Patrick Cockburn

hanging about what the imperatives of need mean for the exact scope and strength of property rights. We can get a sense of this by taking just a handful of examples drawn from Chris Pierson’s (2013) Just Property : A History in the Latin West . Pierson

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Christopher J. Allsobrook

basis of his theory of freedom, goes beyond that of Max Weber, who thinks power is, simply, the strength or capacity to do something or the ability to realise one’s will (2014: 65, 67). Hamilton shares with Steven Lukes the insight that one’s will is

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Francesco Maria Scanni and Francesco Compolongo

as ‘social integration parties’ ( Neumann 1956 ) and ensured the strength of representative institutions; The emergent primacy of technical over political solutions and the depoliticisation of society ( De Nardis 2017 ; Jessop 2014 ); Elites

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Virile Resistance and Servile Collaboration

Interrupting the Gendered Representation of Betrayal in Resistance Movements

Maša Mrovlje

( Beauvoir 2011: 453 ). While its appearance in popular culture has been diverse, the myth of femme fatale has a number of distinctive characteristics: First, her seductive sexuality. Second, the power and strength (over men) that this sexuality