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Science, Customs, and the Modern Subject

From Emulation to Education in the Semantics of Spanish Enlightenment

Pablo Sánchez León

the diffusion of the term civil economy ( economía civil ), standing for political economy. 40 A revival in impulse for the reform of privileged bodies had to wait until the 1780s, and was limited in time because of the outbreak of the French

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Ism Concepts in Science and Politics

Jani Marjanen

rhetoric of grouping isms together became politically relevant in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. At this time, there was an influx of ism words in French and English describing religious heresies. After this, new isms have appeared to describe

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Political Regeneration

José Bonifácio and Temporal Experiences in the Luso-American World in the Early Nineteenth Century

Maria Elisa Noronha De Sá and Marcelo Gantus Jasmin

and its administrative problems, and experienced the French Revolution firsthand. Closely connected to Dom Rodrigo de Souza Coutinho, minister of the navy and the overseas territories and one of the foremost creators of reform projects aimed at

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Socialisms in the Tsarist Borderlands

Poland and Finland in a Contrastive Comparison, 1830—1907

Wiktor Marzec and Risto Turunen

vocabulary. Local writers were well versed in Renaissance thought and consciously built the Polish political vocabulary in a highly Latinized form. However, during the reign of the last king and the “Great Sejm,” French became the main source of linguistic

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Contagious Humanism in Early Nineteenth-Century German-Language Press

Heidi Hakkarainen

language underwent significant transformation. Many concepts that would later become an integral part of modern intellectual history were coined in the period following the French Revolution in 1789. One of the key concepts included in the volumes of

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A World in the Making

Discovering the Future in the Hispanic World

Javier Fernández-Sebastián

Translator : Mark Hounsell

to go hand in hand with great receptiveness toward foreign—principally French—ideas and fashions. The vocabularies of renovation and progress, increasingly more popular, bear witness to this. These vocabularies—which include verbs such as civilize or

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Time Bandits, Historians, and Concepts of Bad Times

Jan Ifversen

technology. The French thinker Paul Virilio followed suit with his studies on the catastrophic consequences of virtualization and speed. Influenced by the growing anxieties in the 1990s and 2000s, Virilio would shift the focus from risks that might happen to

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Bridging the Political Gaps

The Interdiscursive Qualities of Political Romanticism in the Weimar Republic

Christian E. Roques

as it is inspired by the antiromanticism of authors close to the Action française , the French nationalist, monarchist, counterrevolutionary movement championed by Charles Maurras. 26 A paradigmatic example of the reception of Schmitt’s analysis is

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Annabel Brett, Fabian Steininger, Tobias Adler-Bartels, Juan Pablo Scarfi, and Jan Surman

, in Suárez): that is, that the story of sovereignty just is the story of democracy, in some sense. Tuck tracks it through the eighteenth-century reception of Hobbesian thought in Jean-Jacques Rousseau, via the American Revolution and the French

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Sovereignty versus Influence

European Unity and the Conceptualization of Sovereignty in British Parliamentary Debates, 1945–2016

Teemu Häkkinen and Miina Kaarkoski

conception of Western civilization from this peril. 14 From January 1948 on, the British government started to assume a leading role in advocating cooperation, and in March 1948, Britain, France, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands signed a