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“Where Is the New Constitution?”

Public Protest and Community-Building in Post–Economic Collapse Iceland

Timothy Heffernan

, and North America in response to fiscal crisis, the process of rewriting Iceland's constitution was seen as a novel experiment in contemporary democracy ( Landemore 2015 ). Moreover, it was a means of redefining Icelanders’ collective identity after

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Performance, Power, Exclusion, and Expansion in Anthropological Accounts of Protests

Aet Annist

affected areas. The changes people protest go against the expectations based on local or national histories, or the assumed identities. Protests in Iceland were triggered not only by the financial crash and a political upheaval but, more fundamentally, by

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Danger, Moral Opacity, and Outrage

Fear of Jihadism and the Terrorist Threat in Southern Mali

Tone Sommerfelt

Sufi saints (shayks, cheikhs, marabouts) , which may be said to be a mainstream religious practice of the communities that make up most of Mali’s Muslims—traditions that have been appropriated as symbols of Malian national culture. This case study is

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Exceptionalism and Necropolitical Security Dynamics in Olympic Rio de Janeiro

Margit Ystanes and Tomas Salem

to colonialism and black slavery (see, e.g., Buck-Morss 2009 ; Trouillot 1995 ). As the newly independent colonies looked to Europe for inspiration and acceptance even as they forged new national identities ( Stepan 1991 ), they reproduced colonial

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A Protracted Peacebuilding Process

Emile Badarin

establish a nation-state, Jewishness as a religious and spiritual notion was reconstructed into a national identity ( Sand 2009 ). By way of bearing on Benedict Anderson’s (2006) thesis, this constructed narrative gradually gathered a pool of constituents

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Abhishek Choudhary, Rhys Machold, Ricardo Cardoso, Andreas Hackl, Martha Lagace, and Carly Machado

choice of cases makes the critique of identity-related variables less tenable. The authors deliberately chose such cases where, according to them, ethnic factors were less important. This omission appears like a deliberate move to accord convenience to

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Ethnographies of Private Security

Erella Grassiani and Tessa Diphoorn

implications for state sovereignty and authority ( Avant 2004 , 2005 ; Leander 2005 , 2013 ; Singer 2003 ), the role of private security companies in the domains of humanitarian aid ( Spearin 2001 ), how companies engage in identity work and self

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Philippine Prison Marriages

The Politics of Kinship and Women's Composite Agency

Sif Lehman Jensen

enfolded. There is expansive literature on how kinship and politics merge in the Philippines, which shows how local and national politics are organized around strong familial networks (see Abinales and Amoroso 2005 ; Lara 2014; McCoy 1994 ; Roces 1998

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The Draconian Governance of Illegalized Migrants in Western States

Barak Kalir

Law 16 ( 1 ): 53 – 90 . 10.1093/ijrl/16.1.53 Malkki , Lisa. H. 1992 . “ National Geographic: The Rooting of Peoples and the Territorialization of National Identity among Scholars and Refugees .” Cultural Anthropology 7 ( 1 ): 24 – 44

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Guarding the Body

Private Security Work in Rio de Janeiro

Erika Robb Larkins

is important to state at the outset that this methodology is complicated by the fact that my own experiences of the labor of private security work are very different from those of the people I was studying because of my own identity as a middle