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Synthetic Beings and Synthespian Ethics

Embodiment Technologies in Science/Fiction

Jane Stadler

.” In Computing Bodies: Gender Codes and Anthropomorphic Design at the Human-Computer Interface , 183 – 202 . Wiesbaden, Germany : Springer . 10.1007/978-3-658-18660-9_5 Dymond , Marcus . 2016 . “ Synthetic Biology, Culture, and Bioethical

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Toward a Naturalized Aesthetics of Film Music

An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Intramusical and Extramusical Meaning

Timothy Justus

following Madeleine (Kim Novak) through the Mission Dolores in San Francisco. For the experiment, Boltz replaced the Bernard Hermann score with silence, with the Adagio for Strings , or with a track from a 1975 album by Tangerine Dream, a German electronic

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Christopher Blake Evernden, Cynthia A. Freeland, Thomas Schatz, and Frank P. Tomasulo

-driven, modernist-inflected cinema that, in Bordwell's view, was fundamentally foreign (pun intended) to the classical mode. Art cinema descended from the early film d'art movement and from national cinema schools such as German Expressionism and French

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Héctor J. Pérez

visual art. 3 Other contributions have come from Germany ( Strank 2014 ), which has produced the only book devoted entirely to the topic (albeit only to one kind of plot twist, the final twist); from Italy, with the publication of a compilation with a

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Peter Lurie, Antonio Sanna, Hansen Hsu, Ella Houston, and Kristof van Baarle

deeply influenced by insidious power relations existing within society. This essay focuses on the recent English translations of Gestures and Into the Universe of Technical Images , originally published in German, in 1991 and 1985, respectively. A

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On Shock Therapy

Modernist Aesthetics and American Underground Film

William Solomon

audiovisual technology to achieve a related aesthetic impact comes from Section XVIII of the German critic’s “The Work of Art” essay. In Benjamin’s understanding of cultural history, “one of the primary tasks of art [is] to create a demand whose hour of full

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Queer Sinofuturism

The Aberrant Movements and Posthumanist Mutations of Body, Identity, and Matter in Lu Yang's Uterus Man

Gabriel Remy-Handfield

at Stake: Experiments in Chinese Contemporary Art and Theatre , ed. Jörg Huber and Zhao Chuan , 245 – 256 . Bielefeld, Germany : Transcript Verlag . 10.14361/transcript.9783839423097.245 Zhexi Zhang , Gary . 2017 . “ Where Next

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Jens Eder

of the most prolific and interesting contemporary German directors. 15 The film also indicates how the expression and evocation of existential feelings, like that of moods, may play “an essential role in the composition, emotional dynamics and

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Affective Anachronisms, Fateful Becomings

Otaku Movement and the Joan of Arc Effect in Type-Moon's Transhistorical Anime Ecology

David John Boyd

wealthy and esteemed families across the globe that were founded by mages of yore (the Einzberns in Germany, the Tōsakas in Japan) called the Mage's Association. Each house is committed to fighting in a worldwide clandestine tournament against each other