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Transitions Within Queer North African Cinema

Nouri Bouzid, Abdellah Taïa, and the Transnational Tourist

Walter S. Temple

French critic more than fifty years prior. In stark contrast to the emergent and redefined queer ethos of Abdellah, Taïa’s autofictional protagonist, early writers from the Arab world, including Nuwās, would have been bound by religious ideologies as

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Linda Howell, Ryan Bell, Laura Helen Marks, Jennifer L. Lieberman, and Joseph Christopher Schaub

understanding of “paracinema” in his “’Trashing’ the Academy: Taste, Excess, and an Emerging Politics of Cinematic Style”), and yet Church’s book feels like a long overdue and incredibly timely intervention because of his strict focus on “the ideologies at play

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Scenes of Subjection

Slavery, the Black Female Body, and the Uses of Sexual Violence in Haile Gerima's Sankofa

Z'étoile Imma

willing to posit a unifying argument across the wide scope of cinematic representations of rape, for such films “allow for a broad range of ideological debates to be explored through areas such as gender, genre, and cultural context” (2011: 4). While the

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Lu Yang's Cancer Baby

Coercions of the Image

Jennifer Dorothy Lee

biopolitical hierarchies of family, state, even ideology, all within the apparently playful representation of the body turned inside out. But it would be inaccurate to locate this governance in a state-form, such as China; Lu cares little for that. Naturally

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Close to You

Karen Carpenter and the Body-Martyr in Queer Memory

Julian Binder

of which modalities of being resonate with Karen's imagined subjectivity could lead to useful findings at intersections of ideology and identity that continue to play out in American popular culture. In accounts of Karen's life by her dear friends, as

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On Sinofuturism

Resisting Techno-Orientalism in Understanding Kuaishou, Douyin, and Chinese A.I.

Yunying Huang

find ways to use the internet to express their social identities, to resist existing social hierarchies, and to subvert dominant ideologies. They are rapidly constructing the expression of China and its future, yet paradoxically they are not well

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Grey Gardens and the Problem of Objectivity

Notes on the Ethics of Observational Documentary

Mathew Abbott

objectivity was ethically, ideologically, and philosophically pernicious. When filmmakers celebrated the potential of lighter cameras and synchronous sound-recording techniques to make them less obtrusive, they were met with the claim that documentarians

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“Like a Dream, an Illusion, a Drop of Dew, a Flash of Lightning”

Buddhist (Un)reality, Thought Experiments, and the “Ecological Dharma Eye” in Lu Yang's Material World Knight Game Film

Livia Monnet

various ideologies…and social systems…to rationalize and justify the Material World.…Confined by binary oppositions, one can only see a world made of one's own preconceptions about the world.…Does the self really exist? If my body is the container of my

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Toward a Model of Distributed Affectivity for Cinematic Ethics

Ethical Experience, Trauma, and History

Philip Martin

(Ahmed 2014, 63). At the collective level, the culture that we consume can establish an “affective circuit,” for example of pity or guilt , that produces and reproduces ideological norms and practices ( Clough 2012, 22 ). Mass fictions and art forms in

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Ruined Abjection and Allegory in Deadgirl

Sol Neely

mean that Deadgirl is about rape rather than necrophilia? Is the zombie—an animated entity without consciousness—rape-able? How does the gendered zombie fit into an ideologically loaded history of femaleness?” (2013: 526). Despite opening with some