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The Feel of the Past

Sartre on Memory and Imagination

Kathleen Lennon

. But I surpass such perception by imagining in those marks the face. Here, I have gone beyond what is presented to me to create an image of something. When Sartre discusses the performance artist Franconay, we initially see ‘a small stout brunette woman

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Sartre and Heidegger on Social Deformation and the Anthropocene

Paul Gyllenhammer

fault, but because being and job performance can never fully coincide. There is a similar dilemma for the woman who is confused on a date and for the homosexual who cannot come to terms with the facticity of his being. These examples highlight the

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Contemporary “Structures” of Racism

A Sartrean Contribution to Resisting Racial Injustice

Justin I. Fugo

assigned the same grade to everyone regardless of how much effort they put in, or the quality of the work they produce. It would be unfair precisely because effort and quality performance are relevant to moral desert. The reality is, we determine the moral

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Book Reviews

Robert Boncardo, Jean-Pierre Boulé, Nik Farrell Fox, and Daniel O'Shiel

and penetrating analysis of Sartre's shifting perspective on the Freudian Unconscious and psychoanalytical methods, Adrian van den Hoven's ‘Sartre's conception of theater: Theory and practice’ elaborates the writing and performances of Sartre's plays

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The Paris Opera Ballet Dancing Offstage

Work, Grace, and Race

Tessa Ashlin Nunn

Opéra) took part in pension reform strikes between 5 December 2019 and 29 January 2020, leading to the cancelation of over eighty performances. Then, because of the pandemic, theaters remained closed for most of the year, briefly reopening between May

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France in the Age of Covid-19

Éric Touya de Marenne

was therapeutic. 18 The experience revealed the relevance of art in the age of Covid-19, and the ways that it enabled encounters with others, and beyond that, an escape and time for reflection. The Boléro musical performance entailed a return to

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Corps et blanchité au prisme de la Blackness

Body and Whiteness Through the Lens of Blackness

Sarah Fila-Bakabadio

» et à un nous néerlandais. Cependant, Wekker ne précise pas en quoi le corps sert à la performance de la racialisation. Elle ne dit pas que cette racialisation génère non seulement des associations entre une couleur de peau et des rôles sociaux

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Existential Psychoanalysis and Sociogeny

Thomas Meagher

symbolic expressions of an antiblack world call for extraordinary performances whose demands severely strain mental health. Thus, Fanon's method resembles existential psychoanalysis insofar as it demonstrates how concrete manifestations of Black agency and

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When Paris was “à l'heure chinoise” or Georges Pompidou in China and Jean Yanne's (1974) Les Chinois à Paris

Catherine E. Clark

that scholars working in Chinese archives have since debunked. 10 The French nonetheless continued to invest in diplomatic performances of privileged relations meant to forge links with a future Chinese superpower. Building on work that seeks to

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Imperial Farce?

The Coronation of Bokassa the First and the (Failed) Manufacture of Charisma

Jason Yackee

display of great wealth dissipated in his honor. 39 It was of the times in that it relied upon modern media to broadcast his performance of charisma worldwide. 40 “Empires always form themselves around corrupted fantasies of past empires,” 41 and