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Flânerie in the Time of Covid-19

French Journalistic References to Bookstore Strolling and Fashion Walking

Marylaura Papalas

walking, between runway and city, and between the model and the flâneuse . The model became a simulation of the flâneuse , a projection of flânerie and all the accoutrements associated with its unique way of life. This mimetic performance presented to

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The Whiteness of French Food

Law, Race, and Eating Culture in France

Mathilde Cohen

distinguish colonial subjects living under the regime of indigénat from citizens. 110 In theory, Whiteness was not required for the acquisition of citizenship, but in practice evidence of White performance was often decisive in the absence of established

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France in the Times of COVID-19

The Public Humanities as a Vaccine for Coexistence

Araceli Hernández-Laroche

overlapping spheres of personal and professional life. What makes us human resides at the core of the humanities. The public humanities facilitate community and foster dialogue with others about the arts, stories, poetry, and performances that move, bewilder

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Hammer and Cycle

Communism's Cycling Counterculture in Interwar France

Martin Hurcombe

revolutionary left, radical change requires cohesion as the very foundation of its collective force. This cohesion is generated through the performance of politico-cultural practices that stimulate and are steeped in the emotions. 13 The study of these

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Beauvoir and Writing as the Creation of the Self

Memoirs, Diaries, Biography

Liesbeth Schoonheim

thought. Diary of a Philosophy Student, 1928–1929 Beauvoir kept a diary during various period in her life in which she documented, on a daily basis, which books she read, which performances, films, and exhibitions she attended, and with whom she

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Book Reviews

Naomi J. Andrews, Simon Jackson, Jessica Wardhaugh, Shannon Fogg, Jessica Lynne Pearson, Elizabeth Campbell, Laura Levine Frader, Joshua Cole, Elizabeth A. Foster, and Owen White

increasingly strict surveillance from 1938 onwards. Studying radio in this period is a challenging and ambitious project. As any historian of performance will know, excavating the “archaeology” of such performances—their contexts, contributors and producers

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The Return of the Republic

Crowd Photography and the Liberation in Toulouse, 1944–1945

Hanna Diamond

demonstrations in the Place de la République in Paris following the 2015 terrorist attacks became the locus for the performance of national identity, solidarity, and resistance, demonstrating that the use of public space continues to be a characteristic constant

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A French Paradox?

Toward an Explanation of Inconsistencies between Framing and Policies

Henri Bergeron, Patrick Castel, and Abigail C. Saguy

anticipated. High costs jeopardized the program's sustainability, since the state ended up providing more in subsidies than it collected in taxes due to improvements in the environmental performance of cars. 28 French anti-tobacco policies show the inverse

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Maneuvering Whiteness in France

Muslim Converts’ Ambivalent Encounters with Race

Juliette Galonnier

Tourage explains that “White convert imams and sheikhs are not idealized for their successful performances and conversion narratives alone, they are also idealized for their Whiteness.” 40 In fact, they are often fast-tracked to positions of power and

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Sartre and Beauvoir on Women's Psychological Oppression

Mary Edwards

passive that erotic thoughts assist women workers with the performance of repetitive physical actions in Sartre's view. However: The truth is that when the woman worker thinks she is escaping from herself, she is really finding an indirect way of