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Christian Modernisation in Amazonia

Emerging Materialism in Shuar Evangelicals’ Healing Practices

Christian Tym

The project of ontological anthropology expounded by Philippe Descola has unexplored merits for a critical and secular anthropology of Christian conversion in indigenous societies. Polemically branded as ‘museum’ anthropology for the supposed

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Jeremy Ekberg

Because Sartre's theatre is one of representation and authenticity, plays like The Victors offer Sartrean philosophical explorations of subjects pushed to the limits of existence by torture and oppressive social edicts. It is in extreme situations that a subject most clearly exercises or fails to exercise his freedom and therefore his authenticity. But Sartre's interest in a complete explication of this process wanes before he fully outlines his project of self formation, which leaves the present paper to prove: (1) the unattainability of any final or permanent authenticity, since each subject represents itself alternately in authentic and inauthentic ways and because the representations of a single subject are constantly in flux; (2) the primacy of representation as the force by which the self is formed and authenticity achieved or avoided; and (3) the criteria for the assessment of authenticity levels and how these processes come to light in plays like The Victors.

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Amaqaba nama Gqobhoka?

Working through Colonial Derision of Black Ontology

Siseko H. Kumalo

laws, derision and violence. Conceptually Framing Ontological Derision In this article, the primary focus is on the ‘ontological derision’ that Blackness/Indigeneity encounter, both at the level of culture and within the political domain. 1 Upon

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Damaging Environments

Land, Settler Colonialism, and Security for Indigenous Peoples

Wilfrid Greaves

Schreiner 2018 ; Crosby and Monaghan 2012 , 2016 ; Pasternak et al. 2013 ). Some critical perspectives on IR explore the security interests and ontologies of subaltern groups in the Global South with little examination of Indigenous peoples within the

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Michelle Darnell

The importance of freedom in Sartre’s philosophy cannot be overestimated, and the understanding of Sartre’s account of freedom is necessary for the understanding of Sartre’s philosophy as a whole. In this article, I will show that there are two distinct, but related, notions of freedom used in Being and Nothingness, and will suggest that a clarification of the two notions will open the possibility of grounding Sartre’s demand that each individual should promote the freedom of all Others.

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Eric James Morelli

I am not interested in examining the development of Sartre’s view of pure reflection or in extracting a general notion of pure or purifying reflection from Sartre’s entire corpus. Instead, I am interested in understanding with Sartre’s help an experience that his account of pure reflection in the second chapter of Being and Nothingness, ‘Temporality’, concerns, namely the experience of founding a phenomenological theory.

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Chinese Eight Signs Prediction

Ontology, Knowledge, and Computation

Stéphanie Homola

Drawing on this special issue's discussion of the relationship between the ontology and epistemology of divination, this article explores how ontological assumptions in divination shape the structure of practitioners’ techniques and the way they

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Taking on the Light

Ontological Black Girlhood in the Twenty-first Century

Renee Nishawn Scott

African American culture that is hidden within the seemingly trivial maneuvers of [girls’] games” (14). Gaunt makes it clear that ontologies of Black girlhood are more than just Black Girl Magic, and, with this understanding, one can begin to investigate

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Mindfulness Meditation

A Sartrean Analysis

Dane Sawyer

difficulties, challenges, and neuroses. 1 What I think has been left out of the general academic, scientific, and scholarly discussion, however, is an existentially-oriented, phenomenological account of the ontology of mindfulness meditation, particularly one