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Hierarchy, Value, and the Value of Hierarchy

Naomi Haynes and Jason Hickel

positive terms (see, e.g., Ansell 2010 ; Ferguson 2013 ; Haynes 2012 ; Hickel 2015 ; Iteanu 2013 ; King 2014 ; Scherz 2014 ; Smith 2007 ). While individualism and egalitarianism are central to Western conceptions of justice and the good, many people

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Penny Welch and Susan Wright

disadvantaged groups can benefit significantly from involvement in these egalitarian partnerships, and students from all backgrounds can gain insights into inclusive professional practice. In the fourth article, Sabine Krajewski and Matthew Khoury investigate

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Machiavelli and Spartan Equality

The Image and Function of Lycurgus’ Heritage

Filippo Del Lucchese

kakonomía, the worst constitution. 2 However, before eunomía took on an openly anti-democratic meaning, many of the sources considered the Spartan political order, which was created by the lawgiver Lycurgus, to be a profoundly egalitarian kósmos. So

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Naomi Chazan, Morad Elsana, Ian S. Lustick, Sam Lehman-Wilzig, Gideon Rahat, Eliezer Ben-Rafael, Daphne Inbar, and Oren Barak

everyday politics. Gideon Rahat The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Ran Abramitzky , The Mystery of the Kibbutz: Egalitarian Principles in a Capitalist World (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2018), 360 pages. Hardback, $29.95. This book about

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Stephan Feuchtwang

structure of type and anti-type as Dumont does. I shall argue that what he took to be an anti-hierarchy—the ideology of egalitarian individualism—is in fact hierarchical with all ingredients present. But that is not the comparison I shall mount with

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Steven Roberts and Karla Elliott

groups are likely to be, at least in part, discursive constructions of masculinity of this kind gets no attention. Nor does the prospect that middle-class men understand how to adhere to “spoken egalitarianism,” which does not automatically equal

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Jan Mühlstein

Translator : Lea Muehlstein and Jonathan Magonet

Iron Curtain, followed by the German reunification, which brought about significant changes in the public and personal life of Germans including its Jews. Many people were looking for a more open, egalitarian Jewish identity and community, which they

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Jonas Hultin Rosenberg

Although the all-affected principle has been described as fundamentally egalitarian ( Goodin 2007 ), it has also been viewed as non-egalitarian in a way that makes it incompatible with political equality ( Erman 2014 ). The all-affected principle is thus

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Research Article

Jean-Paul Gagnon and Selen A. Ercan

“liberalism” and “egalitarianism” are both ill-defined. Vogt also suggests that long-term decision-making, the consideration of future generations, is a hallmark tactic for combatting the “myopia, the short terms of electoral cycles” of many European countries

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Benjamin Abrams and Giovanni A. Travaglino

“system justification” helps to explain popular resistance or acquiescence to political and social contexts. Of particular importance are “low system justifiers,” individuals who prefer instantiating egalitarian alternatives to the status quo over the