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Pushing the Boundaries

Curating LuYang, a Global Artist Embedded in Local Situatedness

Nora Gantert and Malte Lin-Kröger

internet as a global media environment. The multi-centered infrastructure given by the World Wide Web renegotiates ideas about center and periphery as well as autochthon and foreign culture(s) (although the fact must be acknowledged that the internet in

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Looking for Something to Signify

Something to Signify Gender Performance and Cuban Masculinity in Viva

David Yagüe González

, men should be good fathers to their sons and daughters, be involved in the education of their children, and be “communicative and able to provide a harmonious environment” ( Quaresma da Silva and Ulloa Guerra 2012 ). These three axes function within

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Triangulation Revisited

Murray Smith

evolved at all: what selection pressures in the environment of human evolution was it a response to? It this just this kind of concilient convergence (here, between evidence from neuroscience and from evolutionary psychology) that triangulation seeks to

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How Movie Events Engage Childrens’ Brains to Combine Visual Attention with Domain-Specific Processing Involving Number and Theory of Mind in a Cinematic Arena

Daniel T. Levin, Andrew Mattarella-Micke, Madison J. Lee, Lewis J. Baker, Matthew A. Bezdek, and Bruce D. McCandliss

understanding that another's gaze highlights important things in the environment, and children's subsequent understanding that this looking is driven by the looker's beliefs and goals (see, for example, Woodward 2005 ). Ultimately, these basic visual skills are

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“Like a Dream, an Illusion, a Drop of Dew, a Flash of Lightning”

Buddhist (Un)reality, Thought Experiments, and the “Ecological Dharma Eye” in Lu Yang's Material World Knight Game Film

Livia Monnet

posing counterintuitive, difficult existential questions or asking the player-avatar to try out risky alternative paths—have enabled the development of an expansive “simulated philosophy” in virtual environments ( Schulzke 2014 ). Marcus Schulzke has

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Disrupted PECMA Flows

A Cognitive Approach to the Experience of Narrative Complexity in Film

Veerle Ros and Miklós Kiss

schemata that help us to quickly make sense of structurally complex situations; for example, we may find it easy to navigate through a busy city district because we have traversed it (or other similarly complex environments) many times before. 6 In the

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Mr. Hulot's Invisible Gorilla

Jacques Tati and Inattentional Blindness

Eric Faden, Aaron Mitchel, Alexander Murph, Taylor Myers, and Nathan C. Ryan

. 2008 ; Malcolm and Henderson 2010 ). For example, when trying to understand a speaker in a noisy environment, individuals will shift their gaze from the eyes of the speaker toward the mouth to facilitate speech perception ( Vatikiotis-Bateson et al

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Constructing Film Emotions

The Theory of Constructed Emotion as a Biocultural Framework for Cognitive Film Theory

Timothy Justus

. Second, consider what verbal content and task instructions were given. In this case, participants were told, “each sequence depicts a situation in which either a man or a woman looks at an object or event in their environment” ( Barratt et al. 2016, 856

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Pain and the Cinesthetic Subject in Black Swan

Steen Ledet Christiansen

motion of the camera works well for an experience that mirrors Nina’s jittery, nervous nature. There is a sense of looking around, scanning the environment and never feeling completely at ease, all expressed through the handheld camera. The film’s body

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Peter Lurie, Antonio Sanna, Hansen Hsu, Ella Houston, and Kristof van Baarle

central purpose of the former text is arguably to compel the reader to reflect on their own sense of embodiment and situation within the world and realize how they exist within the surrounding environment, “why do I do what I do?” ( Flusser 2014: 13