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The Mystery of the Missing Men

How Do Young Men Experience “Belong-ing” in Higher Education?

Vicki Trowler, Robert Allan, and Rukhsana Din

field in which it finds itself ( Bourdieu 1999 ). This loss of equilibrium may be experienced as unbelong-ing, as illustrated by our examples. Those young men who do engage in HE often rationalize their participation in instrumental terms, aligning

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Rapping French Cities in the 1990s

Blurring Marseille and Brightening Paris in Contested Processes of Boundary Making

Joseph Downing

quo in a Paris where “the years pass, and everyone is in their place, more tarmac and so less open space, vital and necessary to a human's equilibrium, no one has been kidnapped, but it is exactly like they have.” These lines convey deep frustration

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Authenticity and Aspiration

Exploring the CBBC Television Tween

Sarah Godfrey

unhappy. It is only when they come back together that the group regains its equilibrium. Unlike Mille Inbetween (2014–), So Awkward (2015–) does present the friends as emerging into the heterosexual matrix of adolescence; throughout the series there

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Sue Vice

suppressing heterogeneity. Keeping Calm The cost of attempting to outlaw both discord and the ‘equilibrium of hate’ that it arises from is at the heart of J. In the society the novel depicts, to further reduce the tensions that led to ‘what happened

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The Origins of the Anti-Liberal Left

The 1979 Vincennes Conference on Neoliberalism

Michael C. Behrent

. Absolute priority now went to restoring France’s balance of payments equilibrium; salary increases were abruptly curbed, and unemployment was used to pressure workers to moderate their demands. As a result, unemployment hit record levels, allowing French

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Jules Vallès and Séverine

Romantic Socialism and the Afterlife of a Cross-Sex Friendship in French Political Culture, 1880–1929

Michael Mulvey

three words, the synthesis of Mme Séverine, the key to her positive attributes (kindness, devotion, charitable grace), and her faults (contradiction, restlessness, a complete lack of equilibrium).” 116 To respond to the initial questions, Brisson

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“The physical anxiety of the form itself”

A Haptic Reading of Phil Solomon’s Experimental Films

Hava Aldouby

interpretive faculties. My discussion pivots on the extent of equilibrium maintained between cinematically “telling,” or photographically “showing,” and sensually “making present.” At what points does the equilibrium break, and what is it about the individually

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Beverly Crawford Ames and Armon Rezai

defection, captured in a noncooperative equilibrium. The same tension exists in a fixed exchange rate system or in a monetary union. States that trade with each other prefer stable exchange rates and, better yet, a common currency. 12 Under national

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On Shock Therapy

Modernist Aesthetics and American Underground Film

William Solomon

equilibrium in a risky environment and that he acquire the ability to keep his balance in space even when thrown off kilter by external forces. Conclusion Focusing on the purposeful use of a shock aesthetic has the potential to illuminate other

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Laurent J.G. van der Maesen

, enhancing human dignity; and restoring eco-equilibrium) should explicitly deliver a clear orientation for the direction of this dialectic. The key concept of personal agency needs further elaboration. This “force” would allow a better understanding of