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The Sovereign Awakened

A Radical Democratic View on Protest

Oliver Marchart

This article contrasts the liberal idea of a “sleeping sovereign” with the democratic one of a “sovereign awakened.” The right to protest is defended as an expression of popular sovereignty, envisaged as a right to popular “self-awakening” instigated by an imperative call of duty not reducible to a set of liberal individual rights. In contrast to some approaches of agonistic democracy, it is argued that democratically breaking the rules of the game of liberal democracy is an indispensable dimension of democratic protest. Taking into account Étienne Balibar’s thoughts about a rule-breaking right to have rights, it is suggested we revisit the French Constitution of 1793, in which a popular duty to insurrection is enshrined. The article ends with the proposal to supplement insurrectionary accounts of sovereignty with a Gramscian view that would insist on the necessity of hegemonically constructing a democratic “collective will.”

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Christian Ewert

-speaking canton may have much in common with a French-speaking one. In this regard, a lingua franca is necessary but not sufficient. My questions and doubts regarding Lacey's account are mostly conceptual. First, I do not understand the centrifugal force

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Jean-Paul Gagnon, Hans Asenbaum, Dannica Fleuss, Sonia Bussu, Petra Guasti, Rikki Dean, Pierrick Chalaye, Nardine Alnemr, Friedel Marquardt, and Alexander Weiss

-century and early nineteenth-century enslaved peoples held captive on islands like Mauritius, then a French plantation colony and now a French tourism neocolony. A “maroon,” or marron in French (or nèg mawon in Creole), holds three meanings: (1) it

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From Schmitt to Foucault

Inquiring the Relationship between Exception and Democracy

Sara Raimondi

that the French author combines with power. By discussing the dynamics internal to the exception as a dialectic between power and resistance, the article contends, it is possible to make room for collective decisional action under exception. This

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Alexander Weiss

before and beyond its familiar lineage from Athens and Rome, the Magna Charta and up until the American and French Revolutions. CDT builds on the results of these historical re-descriptions and adds—based on the strong assumption that democratic praxis

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Simon Tormey and Jean-Paul Gagnon

—starting in the late seventeenth century—it’s clear that the real demand there was for greater representation. Look, for example, at what the Levellers (e.g., Foxley 2013 ) or French Revolutionaries (e.g., Hobsbawm 2001 ) demanded. It’s something that

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Leif Lewin

political capacity among the newly enfranchised as a relevant objection to political equality. Writing in the shadow of the French Revolution and deeply shocked by its bloodbath, Mill warned of the consequences of popular power when it spun out of control

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Spencer McKay

available in English and focuses primarily on France with less detailed investigation of the American, German, and Swiss experiences. References Altman , David . 2011 . Direct Democracy Worldwide . Cambridge : Cambridge University Press

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Dominik Austrup, Marion Repetti, Andreas Avgousti, Th. W. Bottelier, and Antonin Lacelle-Webster

pluralist understanding of democracy, populism and liberal democracies are fundamentally incompatible (39). Galston proceeds by laying out a historical analysis of the rise of populist parties in Europe focusing on Hungary, Poland, and France (chap. 4

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Samuel Moyn and Jean-Paul Gagnon

is, rather, a signal word with many synonyms that all point to a probably endless account of meanings. Any effort to pin democracy down to one meaning is a labour we're frankly warned against! 18 th century French revolutionaries, for instance