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A Contemplative Approach in the Framework of Environmental Education

The Potential of Mindfulness

Irida Tsevreni

with undergraduate students of a Pedagogical Department at a university in Greece, who experimented with mindfulness techniques in natural places. The research attempts to investigate what kind of effects the mindfulness techniques had on participants

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The Political Economy of Water in the Past, Present, and Future

John Sonnett

Greek philosophy came from changing views about water as a primary element. Roman water infrastructure provided a “landmark civic standard” (86) for later democratic societies. The Grand Canal connecting north and south China created the foundation for

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Tuna Tales

Narratives that Persuade as They Explain International Fisheries Management

D. G. Webster

Phoenicians, then moving through the Greeks and Romans before jumping ahead to the Renaissance and subsequent Spanish battles to monopolize the tuna industry in Europe. In addition to these historical descriptions, Adolf provides ancient recipes for tuna

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Humans “in the Loop”?

Human-Centrism, Posthumanism, and AI

Nandita Biswas Mellamphy

unique capacities that make them exceptional and superior to other nonhumans—is deeply embedded in the history of Western thought. From ancient Greek virtue-ethics and medieval humanism to the modern mechanistic sciences and contemporary neuro

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Socialities of Nature Beyond Utopia

Constanza Parra and Casey Walsh

hundred years ago, the term was brought into play to refer to an imagined place or state of perfection, a “no-place” (literal translation of the Greek) that contrasted with known places. In More’s book, Utopia was described by a Portuguese mariner as a

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Explicating Ecoculture

Tracing a Transdisciplinary Focal Concept

Melissa M. Parks

organisms and systems of habitability. In line with this metaphor, the primitive term eco is derived from the Greek term oikos , meaning household. Combined with the Greek term logos , meaning “study,” the term ecology literally translates to “the study of

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Daoist Political Ecology as Green Party Ideology

The Case of the Swedish Greens

Devin K. Joshi

, and Belgian counterparts, more “pragmatic” than the British Greens and less “anti-party” compared to the green parties of Greece and Spain. 7 As I have demonstrated elsewhere, the Swedish Greens lean more centrist on some issues while being more to

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Whose Utopia? Our Utopia! Competing Visions of the Future at the UN Climate Talks

Richard Widick and John Foran

just and ecologically sustainable world economic system. Consequential Utopias? “Utopia”—originally from the Greek ou for “not,” or “no,” combined with topos , the word for “place,” yields the meaning “no place” or, better put, “no actually existing

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Is Risk a Drive for Change? Pollution and Risk Displacement in 1970s to 1980s Hong Kong

Lam Yee Man

, “[p]urification, which removes dirt from the past and so makes ready for the future, is ideally suited as a ritual to mark transition” ( Parker 1983: 24 ). In the Greek religious context, the ritual of purification marks the end of contamination, an

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A Method for the New Materialism

Jaime Moreno Tejada

sterile. “Critique,” of course, comes from the Greek kritikos , which means “able to make judgements.” Humble colonists are turning the forest into a new kind of forest. But there is more to this narrative: a history of nature’s demise and, unless radical