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Motorcycling in 1980s Athens

Popularization, Representational Politics, and Social Identities

Panagiotis Zestanakis

Papakonstantinou, a popular rock singer of the time. The song can be associated with a series of representations that circulated in early 1980s Greece. Many cultural products, such as movies, songs, and publications sketched out motorcycling as a deviant lifestyle

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Education and Hospitality in Liminal Locations for Unaccompanied Refugee Youths in Lesvos

Ivi Daskalaki and Nadina Leivaditi

The “humanitarian crisis” on the shores of Greece reached its peak in 2015, mobilizing multiple agents—national and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international bodies, local authorities, and volunteers—towards the

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Migration and Citizenship in “Athens of Crisis”

An Interview with Vice Mayor Lefteris Papagiannakis

Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou and Nina Papachristou

The following is an interview conducted in August 2017 in Athens, Greece, between Eleftherios (Lefteris) Papagiannakis, Vice Mayor of Athens for Migrants, Refugees and Municipal Decentralization, and Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou. The interview

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Where Environmental Aesthetics Meets Magical Realism

Rodanthi Tzanelli

Underwater Gallery, Aghios Pavlos Underwater Caves, Amorgos, 84008, Greece. A unique exhibition was held between 19 and 22 September 2018 in the deep blue waters of Amorgos, Greece. 1 Amorgos is the

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A Timeless Measure of Who We Are?

Elena Isayev

articulation of community and autonomy, especially during transformative moments such as the emergence of the Greek polis and its city-state citizenship in the fifth century BCE. It traces a shift from the society of Homeric epic—based around elite networks

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Reassembling Musicality

Critical Music in Reassembly on Tinos

G Douglas Barrett

Reassembly, curated by G Douglas Barrett and Petros Touloudi Tinos, Greece 5 July 2017 to 31 October 2017

The free movement of bodies and objects once considered critical for the smooth functioning of contemporary art has appeared, especially since 2017, increasingly uncertain in this era marked by new forms of nationalism, xenophobia, and economic isolationism. Indeed, many artists working in this environment have found it difficult or impossible to cross once unquestionably open borders, or to ship works to and from exhibitions held across a requisitely international stage. As an attempt to respond to this crisis, I, along with Petros Touloudis, curated Reassembly, an exhibition held in the summer of 2017 on the island of Tinos, Greece. The exhibition came out of an annual residency program organized by Touloudis’s Tinos Quarry Platform and was held at the Cultural Foundation of Tinos. Overall, we wanted to ask if there is a critical role for music can play in the field contemporary art, especially as its plagued by new forms of border policing and geopolitical conflict.

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Peter Merriman, Georgine Clarsen, and Gijs Mom

expansion of motorcycling in the Greek capital between the 1970s and 1990s. During this time motorcyclists were frequently stigmatized by the press and represented as deviant, but the popularization of this mode of transport led to the gradual transformation

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Refugia Roundtable

Imagining Refugia: Thinking Outside the Current Refugee Regime

Nicholas Van Hear, Veronique Barbelet, Christina Bennett, and Helma Lutz

an island in Greece or Italy to house refugees ( Taylor 2015a ). Dutch architect Theo Deutinger’s proposal to create an artificial island between Tunisia and Italy which would accommodate a new city-state housing refugees. Calling it “Europe in

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Inaugural Editorial

Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh and Mette Louise Berg

migration in historical and societal context, from ancient Greece (Elena Isayev) to the imagined transnational space of Refugia 2030 (Nick Van Hear, with critical responses from Veronique Barbelet and Christina Bennett, and Helma Lutz); from the struggles

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Historical Fragments’ Mobile Echo

Encountering the Current Refugee Crisis with Ai Weiwei

Susan E. Bell and Kathy Davis

and currents in the water. Life vests have become icons of signification for the global refugee crisis. These particular life vests had been used by refugees who landed at Lesbos, Greece, after crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Turkey. Lotus flowers