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A Malady of the Left and an Ethics of Communism

Badiouian Diagnosis, Lacanian Cure, Sartrean Responsibility

Andrey Gordienko

impotence expressed in the affect of depression.’ 4 Courage is needed to sustain subjective discernment of and commitment to the ‘communist invariants’ (e.g. egalitarianism, refusal of private property, free association, polymorphous work, repudiation of

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The Nothingness of Equality: The 'Sartrean Existentialism' of Jacques Rancière

Devin Zane Shaw

In this essay, I propose a mutually constructive reading of the work of Jacques Rancière and Jean-Paul Sartre. On the one hand, I argue that Rancière's egalitarian political thought owes several important conceptual debts to Sartre's Being and Nothingness, especially in his use of the concepts of freedom, contingency and facticity. These concepts play a dual role in Rancière's thought. First, he appropriates them to show how the formation of subjectivity through freedom is a dynamic that introduces new ways of speaking, being and doing, instead of being a mode of assuming an established identity. Second, Rancière uses these concepts to demonstrate the contingency of any situation or social order, a contingency that is the possibility of egalitarian praxis. On the other hand, I also argue that reading Sartre with Rancière makes possible the reconstruction of Sartre's project within the horizon of freedom and equality rather than that of authenticity.

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Book Review

Mike Gane

Real Marx (with its small niche market). Such a critique seems reminiscent of writings in the 1960s when Durkheim was presented as the naïve conservative dedicated to a functionalism that justified all kinds of inequalities against a radical egalitarian

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Sartre, Camus and a Marxism for the 21st Century

David Schweikart

are less good, and which Hitler made into doctrine. 31 These are serious charges—and they are, for the most part, true — although, as we shall see, less true now than when Camus was writing, during those relatively egalitarian postwar years dubbed as

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Could Sartre have been a Free Market Capitalist?

Matthew Eshleman

for universal freedom contradict Irwin’s moral nihilism, it does not easily fit with Irwin’s non-egalitarian, first come, first to accumulate economic libertarianism. Irwin’s account of authenticity merely requires an affirmation of individual freedom

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A Dignified Meal

Negotiated Spaces in India’s School Meal Program

Sony Pellissery, Sattwick Dey Biswas, and Biju Abraham

brought by the parents was balanced with the administrative-legal authority of the schoolteachers. The system of SMCs was designed to ensure cooperation between these two types of authority and to ensure an egalitarian self-organizing mode of public

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The Civil Code and the Rights of Arabs

Nathalie Nya

members within the colonial system. As J. C. Benrendzen pertinently remarked: “Sartre aimed to show how supposedly ‘western’ ideals such as egalitarianism and humanism had turned into fronts for oppression.” 43 If Western ideals could dehumanize people

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‘Nothing Is Less Universal than the Idea of Race’

Alfred Métraux, American Social Science and UNESCO's Anti-Racist Campaign in 1950s Paris

Alice L. Conklin

truer than in the United States, where a new generation of racial egalitarians demonstrated that so-called ‘innate differences’ were in fact culturally and socially determined. Yet this long overdue realisation only begged a new question: Since it was

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A Mistrustful Society?

The Lack of Trust in Government Institutions in the Czech Republic

Nicole Horáková

countries, including Austria, more than 75 percent of all respondents believe that a certain group in society is preferred to others ( Globsec 2020 ). This result also coincides with the argument by Gergő Medve-Bálint and Zsolt Boda (2014) that egalitarian

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Human Connection in the Light of the Writings of Karl Marx and Amartya Sen

An Investigation Using Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis and Manik Bandyopadhyay's Ekannoborti

Simantini Mukhopadhyay

1953, though “the quality of sympathy and egalitarian commitment of the ‘left’” appealed to him greatly, he could not “develop enough enthusiasm to join any political party.” This was because “there was something rather disturbing about standard