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The iAnimal Film Series

Activating Empathy Through Virtual Reality

Holly Cecil

virtual reality. The film was produced for viewing on VR headsets, which use gyroscopes and motion sensors to track viewers’ head movements as they actively scan the three-dimensional filmic environment, and instantaneously render the display to

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The Tiger Penis Project

Kuang-Yi Ku

animals and traditional cultures while providing more possibilities for the coexistence of human society and the natural environment. Visual Experiments In TCM culture, the idea behind the myth of the eating of tiger penis for male virility

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Being Screens, Making Screens

Functions and Technical Objects

Mauro Carbone, Graziano Lingua, and Sarah De Sanctis

mediate our overall bodily relationship with the environment. For this reason, in this article we will try to characterize the arche-screen as a transhistorical principle that involves not only the pair of functions just mentioned, with which screens

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Editor's Outlook

Andrew J. Ball

technologies, but with a renewed attention to such areas as intermediality, human–machine interface, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, generative art, smart environments, immersive and interactive installations, machine learning

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Aesthetics of Futurism

Lu Yang's Art and an Organological Redefinition of the Human in the Planetary Age

Hai Ren

. Thus, to change the habits that disables the habitability of the human inhabitants, as Catherine Malabou argues, we first need to develop a new habit of viewing the human brain “ as an environment, as a metabolic place” (rather than “in” its

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Modernist Embodiment

Sisyphean Landscape Allegory in Cinema

David Melbye

experientialist myth understanding emerges from interaction, from constant negotiation with the environment and other people. It emerges in the following way: the nature of our bodies and our physical and cultural environment imposes a structure on our experience

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On Shock Therapy

Modernist Aesthetics and American Underground Film

William Solomon

could enable the subjects of urban-industrial modernity to accommodate psychically and corporeally to their changing environment in a progressive manner. 3 The project of modernist poetry, Benjamin proposed, was to help facilitate adjustments, on an

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Before and After Ghostcatching

Animation, Primitivism, and the Choreography of Vitality

Heather Warren-Crow

forms of measurement and control; the more mobile, energetic, and animated the cartoon body (the more alive, according to the rhetoric of animation), the more effectively it is captured; and the more that body is a part of its environment (the more

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Lu Yang

An Artist in Transformation

Ari Heinrich, Livia Monnet, and Gabriel Remy-Handfield

source of inspiration in so-called contemporary art. To tell the truth, psychology offers more” ( Pollack 2018: 253 ). As a child, Lu Yang was admitted frequently to hospital; 2 could this early familiarity with hospital environments have provided a

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Challenging Binaries in Posthuman Worlds

An Analysis of Lu Yang's The Great Adventure of Material World

Jori Snels

generally considered to be: (1) perpetually in a state of becoming; and (2) always in relation to its environments ( Braidotti 2013 ; Haraway 2016 ). The posthuman subject is thus not only always fluid but also formed through their entanglement with other