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Andrew J. Ball and Aleksandr Rybin

fear of persecution or judgment. Taken (2020)

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Situating Screen Bodies

Brian Bergen-Aurand

extends Inkanyiso’s work in its call for more inclusive views on race, gender, and sexuality and its rallying cry against gender-based violence in South Africa and around the world. Figure 2 Collen Mfazwe: We Live in Fear . I first encountered

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Monstrous Masses

The Human Body as Raw Material

John Marmysz

transgress natural boundaries. These unnatural transgressions provoke fears of contamination and infection, and thus our horrified response is to recoil from what is perceived as a disgusting, dangerous threat. The horror response on this account consists of

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Marissa C. de Baca

temporal to illustrate horror as fears about the neoliberal myth of economic progress. Following the many “horrors” that Huang identifies can be difficult; however, the variety of fearful affects Huang uncovers points toward the very essence of her notion

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Voicing Pride and Futurity in the Age of A.I.

An Interview with Playwright Pao-Chang Tsai on Solo Date

Jing Chen and Pao-Chang Tsai

-in-Residency in Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris in 2015. I was invited to create something related to the topic of technology. As a theater practitioner, I always have this fear that technology will take away the warmth of the theater. Yet being challenged

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Ling Tang, Jun Zubillaga-Pow, Hans Rollmann, Amber Jamilla Musser, Shannon Scott, and Kristen Sollée

theorization of intimacy as affect. At the macro-level, he explores the wide-scale panics that arise around the specter of the Child and the fear of predation or exploitation via webcams or chat rooms. In these discussions, McGlotten argues that the outcries

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Karen Fiss

exonerated because their victims did not resist or were incapacitated by fear, shame, or intoxication. On the other side of the country, a student at Columbia University became an icon in this ongoing legal struggle by carrying her mattress around with her

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Sol Neely

Deadgirl , the lips are reddish gray, invoking the deadness of the girl, with the tagline, “You never forget your first time.” Creed’s book features ruby red lips parted slightly to reveal teeth, invoking the mythic fear of the vagina dentata . In both

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Falling Apart Together

On Viewing Ali Atassi’s Our Terrible Country from Beirut

Ira Allen

Yassin, not on an idea of something more. In an interview shot facing down the blurry banks of the Bosporus and spliced in before his reunion with Yassin, Ziad reflects on his decision to leave fighting behind: I feared that I had taken up arms, not to

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Redefining Representation

Black Trans and Queer Women’s Digital Media Production

Moya Bailey

-gender Equality has found that “one in three transgender people, and 48% of transgender men, have delayed or avoided preventive health care such as pelvic exams or STI screening out of fear of discrimination or disrespect.” These conscious decisions to opt out of