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“Make a Living by Doing Good”

The Moral Economy of Infant Formulas among Chinese Migrant Women in France

Yong Li

practices, and by the collision between the daigou business model and the offline challenges. The Nexus of Food Safety, Moral Economy, and E-commerce In many ways, food is a strategic site for studying China's moral landscape. Many scholars make a

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From Biotech to Nanotech

Public Debates about Technological Modifi cation of Food

Jennifer B. Rogers-Brown, Christine Shearer, and Barbara Herr Harthorn

Technological modifications of food are being marketed as novel products that will enhance consumer choice and nutritional value. A recent manifestation is nanotechnology, entering the global food chain through food production, pesticides, vitamins, and food packaging. This article presents a detailed literature review on risk and benefit perceptions of technological developments for food and agriculture, including our own research from US deliberative workshops on nanotechnologies. The article suggests that many of the public concerns discussed in the literature on biotechnology in food are being raised in qualitative and quantitative studies on nanotechnologies for food: although nanotechnologies are generally perceived to be beneficial, many people express particular uneasiness about nanotechnological modifications of food. The article argues that these concerns represent material examples of unresolved social issues involving technologies and the food industry, including questions about the benefits of nanotechnology for food, and the heightened values attached to food as a cultural domain.

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Sternsdorff‐Cisterna, Nicolas 2018. Food safety after Fukushima: scientific citizenship and the politics of risk. Honolulu, HI: University of Hawai’i Press. 190 pp. Hb.: US$62.00. ISBN: 9780824872137.

Audrey Soula

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Creating ethical food consumers? Promoting organic foods in urban Southwest China1

Jakob Klein

The article discusses recent attempts by an environmental NGO to promote the consumption of organic foods among residents in Kunming, Southwest China. Far from being elitist, activists engaged with popular environmental culture and with widespread concerns around health and food safety, and echoed advertisers' messages that associated the ‘healthfulness’ of organic foods with ‘nature’. The article also discusses two private organic food enterprises. Like the NGO, these enterprises attempted to both engage with popular concerns and educate consumers, and it is argued that the study of environmentalism and ethical consumption in urban China should include both NGOs and profit‐oriented enterprises.

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Certification Regimes in the Global Agro-Food System and the Transformation of the Nature-Society Relationship

Ecological Modernization or Modernization of Ecology?

Md Saidul Islam

wealthy nations of the global North ( Marsden 1997 ; Westgren 2004 ). Consumer concern has centered on not only long-established issues like food safety and environmental degradation but also questions of labor exploitation and gender disparity in food

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Introduction—Migrants and Their Smartphones

Interlaced Mobilities Online and Offline

Beatrice Zani and Isabelle Cockel

niche of this moral economy. Beyond consumption preferences, food safety issues, and the untrust in China's distribution channels, Chinese migrants’ e-commerce of infant formula embodies feelings of trust, responsibility, care as well as affection

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A French Paradox?

Toward an Explanation of Inconsistencies between Framing and Policies

Henri Bergeron, Patrick Castel, and Abigail C. Saguy

variations on these themes several times since then) has dominated French obesity politics—defining both economic interests and cultural representations of agriculture and food practices. 31 In the 1990s, however, new principles of food safety and their

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From Urban Agriculture to Urban Food

Food System Analysis Based on Interaction Between Research, Policy, and Society

Heidrun Moschitz, Jan Landert, Christian Schader, and Rebekka Frick

food is produced in Basel” (consumer K10). An issue often raised in connection with food processing is food safety. Looking at the related activities of Basel’s administration, our sustainability analysis revealed that the city undertakes food safety

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Kosher Biotech

Between Religion, Regulation, and Globalization

Johan Fischer

we shall see below. A study by Lytton (2013) shows that the US kosher market is an example of successful private sector regulation in an era of growing public concern over the government’s ability to ensure food safety. From the 1990s onward, the

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How Far Can Chicken Feet Travel?

The Transgression of Contested Sovereign Borders and Chinese Women's E-entrepreneurship between Taiwan and China

Beatrice Zani and Isabelle Cockel

circumstances. The purchase of such goods is not “gated consumption” driven by concerns about food safety or distrust in the official transaction channels. 50 These goods’ competitiveness on the market is determined not so much by their price but rather by