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Godless People, Doubt, and Atheism

Ruy Llera Blanes and Galina Oustinova-Stjepanovic

In the introduction to this special issue, we set the agenda for researching the aspirations and practices of godless people who seek to thin out religion in their daily lives. We reflect on why processes of disengagement from religion have not been adequately researched in anthropology. Locating this issue's articles in the anthropological literature on doubt and atheism, we argue for the importance of a comparative investigation to analyze people's reluctance to pursue religion.

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Godless People and Dead Bodies

Materiality and the Morality of Atheist Materialism

Jacob Copeman and Johannes Quack

Atheists are not the only people who donate their bodies, yet the practice is strikingly prevalent in a variety of atheist circles. We concentrate here on the Indian case, exploring body donation as a key instance of the material culture of atheism. Recent efforts to reinvigorate study of the material culture of religion are to be welcomed, but they should be extended to non-religion in order to address the irony that sees scholars representing materialism as an abstract doctrine and, hence, as immaterial. Body donation holds value for Indian atheists as a bridge between 'positive' and 'negative' modes of atheist thought and action. It also provides a ready-made solution for atheist activists keen to circumvent the cadaver-centered death rituals they find so redundant.

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For a New Materialist Analytics of Time

Laura Bear

.34.2.211 Copeman , J. & J. Quack . 2015 . Godless People and Dead Bodies: Materiality and the Making of Atheist Materialism . Social Analysis 59 ( 2 ): 40 – 61 . 10.3167/sa.2015.590203 Gates , H.L. 1988 . The Signifying Monkey: a Theory of African

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Chasing the Secular

Methodological Reflections on How to Make the Secular Tangible

Birgitte Schepelern Johansen

folket: De postkristna svenskarna och religionen [The godless people: The post-Christian Swedes and religion]. Stockholm : Molin & Sorgenfrei Akademiska . Thurfjell , David , Cecilie Rubow , Atko Remmel , and Henrik Ohlsson . 2019

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Contextualizing the Religious Survey

Possibilities and Limitations

Astrid Krabbe Trolle

. London : Routledge . Thurfjell , David . 2019 . Det gudlösa folket: De postkristna svenskarna och religionen [The godless people: The post-Christian Swedes and religion]. Stockholm : Norstedts . Trolle , Astrid Krabbe . 2015 . “ Blandt

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The Relocation of Transcendence

Using Schutz to Conceptualize the Nature Experiences of Secular People

David Thurfjell, Cecilie Rubow, Atko Remmel, and Henrik Ohlsson

folket: De postkristna svenskarna och religionen [Godless people: Post-Christian Swedes and religion]. Stockholm : Molin & Sorgenfrei . Västrik , Ergo-Hart . 2015 . “ In Search of Genuine Religion: The Contemporary Estonian Maausulised Movement and

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Jeanne Favret-Saada’s Minimal Ontology

Belief and Disbelief of Mystical Forces, Perilous Conditions, and the Opacity of Being

Theodoros Kyriakides

Galina Oustinova-Stjepanovic . 2015 . “ Introduction: Godless People, Doubt, and Atheism .” Social Analysis 59 ( 2 ): 1 – 19 . 10.3167/sa.2015.590201 da Col , Giovanni . 2012 . “ Introduction: Natural Philosophies of Fortune—Luck, Vitality and

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Eyewitness Accounts during the Putumayo Rubber Boom

Manuel Antonio Mesones Muro—the “Madman of the Marañon River,” Cárlos Oyague y Calderón—the State Engineer, and Roger Casement—“Not of the Real World” Humanitarian

Rupert J. M. Medd and Hélène Guyot

epidemic of unprecedented crimes, of lawless and godless people!!!” ( 1928: 59 ). Casement suffered the same disillusionment, leading Vargas Llosa to describe him as having been a “very tragic figure … a very difficult life: solitude, prejudices around