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Postcolonial Intersections. Asia on the Move

Mayurakshi Chaudhuri and Viola Thimm

The past decade has witnessed an exponential growth in literature on the diverse forms, practices, and politics of mobility. Research on migration has been at the forefront of this field. Themes in this respect include heterogeneous practices that have developed out of traditions of resistance to a global historical trajectory of imperialism and colonialism. In response to such historical transformations of recent decades, the nature of postcolonial inquiry has evolved. Such changing postcolonial trajectories and power negotiations are more pronounced in specific parts of the world than in others. To that end, “Postcolonial Intersections: Asia on the Move” is a special section that engages, examines, and analyzes everyday power negotiations, focusing particularly on Asia. Such everyday negotiations explicitly point to pressure points and movements across multiple geosocial scales where gender, religion, age, social class, and caste, to name a few, are constantly negotiated and redefined via changing subjectivities.

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Chia-ling Lai

visitors from all over the world to witness the dark Holocaust memories. Visitors are attracted by the field of the massive National Cemetery before entering through the arch of the Small Fortress where the museum displays the history of the site and its

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Reflecting on Crisis

Ethics of Dis/Engagement in Migration Research

Ioanna Manoussaki-Adamopoulou, Natalie Sedacca, Rachel Benchekroun, Andrew Knight, and Andrea Cortés Saavedra

conversations on essential academic transformations. “Positioning” Ourselves Conducting our doctoral research in the field of migration, we have witnessed closely how the present health crisis has exacerbated this already complex field. As researchers

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Stéphanie Ponsavady

the body of his text, his subjects’ stories continue to travel, as the reader bears witness to a renewed performance of self-authorship across borders. In “On the Trails of Free-Roaming Elephants: Human-Elephant Mobility and History across the Indo

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Migration as Survival

Withheld Stories and the Limits of Ethnographic Knowability

Gerhild Perl

taken away from him, but he also felt silenced by the villagers and the Spanish filmmakers, who failed to recognize him as “the only true witness” who could give an accurate account of what happened during the shipwreck in 2003. The strong feeling that

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Sanctuary City Organizing in Canada

From Hospitality to Solidarity

David Moffette and Jennifer Ridgley

Don’t Ask component, but the policy only applies to “victims and witnesses of crime” and does not include the essential Don’t Tell component. This first limited victory marked the beginning of the DADT movement and the launch of targeted sector

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Frances Steel

on the Atlantic and Indian oceans, notably with respect to the imprint of social class and imperial formalities. 7 Were these divisions as marked in the interwar decades too, or did the heightened mobility witnessed in this period generate something

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Mariana C. Françozo

as citizenship, human rights, and cultural integration precisely at a moment when Europe is witnessing the growth of the extreme right and of populist, xenophobic forces. In this section—and again by means of a multimedia display—visitors start by

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Ocean, Motion, Emotion

Mobilities and Mobilizations in the Pacific

Matt Matsuda

present the country as a fragile settler state, threatened by unwanted intruders. The camps the refugees occupy or have left behind bear witness to the desperation and resilience of the stateless and largely unwanted. The people of Kiribati face an equal

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Mobilizing a “Spiritual Geography”

The Art and Child Artists of the Carrolup Native School and Settlement, Western Australia

Ellen Percy Kraly and Ezzard Flowers

Colgate University. Students and faculty have participated in educational tours to Carrolup country to learn from Noongar elders and artists. Bearing witness to personal interpretations of the meaning of Carrolup and its art for Noongar people, culture