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Their Journey to Triumphant Activism

14 Young Women Speak Out

Nokukhanya Ngcobo

Eastern Cape, South Africa. These young women, who had been victims of different forms of violence in their lives, are university students. At the time of writing their stories, most of them were in the final year of their Bachelor of Education degree. As

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Claudia Mitchell and Jacqueline Reid-Walsh

It has been forty years since the feminist classic on women’s health and sexuality, Our Bodies, Our Selves was published. Available first in 1971 and then produced commercially in 1973 (revised, re-issued and, as of October 2011, in its ninth printing), Our Bodies, Our Selves, published by the Boston Women’s Collective, was regarded by many girls and women in the 1970s and 1980s as the book that changed their relationship to their own bodies and to their own health. And indeed, it set the stage for a revisioning of the questions: “Whose bodies?” and “Whose voices?” in health research, and could be regarded as a precursor to such works as Sandra Harding’s (1991) Whose Science? Whose Knowledge? Thinking from Women’s Lives.

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Maureen St John Ward

The photographs in this photo essay were taken by eleven and twelve year old girls in Grade 7 who were learning isiZulu as a second language (since most of them are English speaking) at a school in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. For their class project the girls were asked to take photographs of various aspects of their bedrooms, and then write captions for these photos in isiZulu. Each girl presented her images to the whole class in a Power Point presentation.

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The Doll “InbeTween”

Online Doll Videos and the Intertextuality of Tween Girl Culture

Jessica E. Johnston

Like many tweens in the late 1990s, I played with American Girl dolls. At the time, I would never have imagined that some years later girls would be filming and uploading videos to YouTube of their dolls dancing to Taylor Swift, sledding in the snow

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I’m Not Loud, I’m Outspoken

Narratives of Four Jamaican Girls’ Identity and Academic Success

Rowena Linton and Lorna McLean

created a cultural, racial, and gendered presence, their stories, achievements, and experiences are limited in, if not absent from, educational literature ( Cooper 2002 ). As Rollock (2007) states, “Black girls become viewed in direct relation to the

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“Why Do We Ask Them About Their Gender, If We Then Go on to Do Nothing with It?”

Constructions of Masculinity in Youth Justice in England and Wales

Eric Baumgartner

sanctioning of perceived violations of normative gender role expectations. Issues in relation to girls’ “offending behavior and their perceived vulnerability continue to receive attention” ( Fitzpatrick 2017 ), while the “construction of juvenile crime

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Growing Up Married

In Conversation with Eylem Atakav

Zahra Khosroshahi

view and go unnoticed. As Miriam Kent (2016) writes, “Child brides are invisible. There is no paperwork involved, the marriages are often illegal, and the brides frequently do not even have birth certificates. These crimes are unseen and their

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Freak Temporality

Female Adolescence in the Novels of Carson McCullers

Alison Sperling

of my selection of grotesque figures to write about—people whose physical incapacity is a symbol of their spiritual incapacity to love or receive love—–their spiritual isolation” ([1959] 2001b: 174). One of the passages most cited by critics of

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“Something Good Distracts Us from the Bad”

Girls Cultivating Disruption

Crystal Leigh Endsley

“Down Here, We Will Kiss and then Kill You”: Contradictions and Disruptions Twenty-five faces, different shades of brown, eyed me from their desks. It was the end of their school day and I was taking up chorus time earmarked for singing, so it had

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Marie Puysségur

Introduction British filmmaker Andrea Arnold and her French counterpart, Céline Sciamma, often come together in their work. Like Arnold's American Honey ( 2016 ) and Sciamma's La Naissance des Pieuvres (Water lilies) ( 2007 ) before them, Bande