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Globalising service-learning in the social sciences

Stephanie A. Limoncelli

, Lie 1995 ; Sohoni and Petrovic 2010 ). The concern is not simply that students are learning a limited United States-centred curriculum, but that sociology courses still often reflect a kind of ‘methodological nationalism’ whereby social phenomena are

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Achieving the Ordinary

Everyday Peace and the Other in Bosnian Mixed-Ethnicity Families

Keziah Conrad

which family members reflect on complex histories of alliance and friction in the family, histories that are in turn related to the larger events of the war and the rise of nationalism. Given the persistent salience of ethnicity as an organizing force of

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Experiencing In-betweenness

Literary Spatialities

Tahmineh Hooshyar Emami

, nationalism, religious affairs and geographic and climatic nuances, providing a stage for displacement and integration. This sits in contrast with the common dictionary-bound definition of a city as a large town, and/or a relatively large and permanent human

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J. D. Y. Peel

Marloes Janson, Wale Adebanwi, David Pratten, Ruth Marshall, Stephan Palmié, Amanda Villepastour, and J. D. Y. Peel

Edited by Richard Fardon and Ramon Sarró

Nationalism . Exemplifying what Brubaker ( 2001: 533 ) deems the “disabling consequences of identity politics,” John summarizes the book’s trajectory: “Hucks’s subject is not the Yoruba themselves, nor the interaction between Nigerian Yoruba and ‘Yoruba

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Fighting Invasive Infrastructures

Indigenous Relations against Pipelines

Anne Spice

and Alex Lubin , digital edition. London : Verso. Gledhill , John . 2008 . “ ‘The People’s Oil’: Nationalism, Globalization, and the Possibility of Another Country in Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela ”. Focaal—Journal of Global and Historical

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Processes of Territorialization in Mexico

Indigenous Government, Violence, and Comunalidad

Philipp Wolfesberger

, Guillermo . 2006 . “ A New Mexican Nationalism? Indigenous Rights, Constitutional Reform and the Conflicting Meanings of Multiculturalism .” Nations and Nationalism 12 ( 2 ): 279 – 302 . 10.1111/j.1469-8129.2006.00241.x Deleuze , Gilles , and

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Mega-Plantations in Southeast Asia

Landscapes of Displacement

Miles Kenney-Lazar and Noboru Ishikawa

of the rice consumed ( Kratoska 2008: 78 ). Postcolonial Plantations: Independence and Nationalism (1950s–1980s) The plantation sector in Southeast Asia rapidly changed after World War II because of waves of postcolonial independence

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Book Reviews

Sabina Barone, Veronika Bernard, Teresa S Büchsel, Leslie Fesenmyer, Bruce Whitehouse, Petra Molnar, Bonny Astor, and Olga R. Gulina

-and inter-group dynamics as a result of Syrian Christians’ assimilation into Hindu society, encounters with Portuguese and, later, British missionaries, Indian nationalism, and international migration. In doing so, the book offers a nuanced picture of Mar

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Phantasmagoria of the global learner: Unlikely global learners and the hierarchy of learning

Neriko Musha Doerr

immersion then is following what Wimmer and Glick Schiller (2002) call ‘methodological nationalism’, which privileges crossing national borders over crossing domestic borders. Reflective learner subjects – the third type of learner subject constructed by

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Enforcing Apartheid?

The Politics of “Intolerability” in the Danish Migration and Integration Regimes

Julia Suárez-Krabbe and Annika Lindberg

states, the Danish government has approved a series of laws organized around the idea of race. In these policies, Danish whiteness and nationalism—including “cultural” and/or religious norms—are at the top of the racial hierarchy, and the rights of