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Performances of Closeness and the Staging of Resistance with Mainstream Music

Analyzing the Symbolism of Pandemic Skeptical Protests

Anna Schwenck

was transformed into the media platform in 2021. Slogans such as “Those who know the least, obey the best” (by the Irish poet George Farquhar), “A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves” (by the neoliberal critic

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Living the Dream or Surviving a Nightmare?

Cody Rodriguez

inequalities brought on by neoliberal late-stage capitalism? Such wealth inequality, combined with twenty-first century social media technologies, has given rise to what is now known as #vanlife. Though the popularity of the lifestyle is apparent in the sheer

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The triple-sidedness of “I can't breathe”

The COVID-19 pandemic, enslavement, and agro-industrial capitalism

Don Nonini

to terms with Europe's own troubled imperial history of enslavements and challenging its current neo-nationalist or fascist resurgence under declining neoliberal capitalism ( Kalb 2020 ). Future initiatives of both solidarity with Black Lives Matter

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Legal regimes under pandemic conditions: A comparative anthropology

Geoffrey Hughes

counterproductive, as citizens crowded the main thoroughfares anxiously waiting for supplies, it is indicative of how quickly a veneer of neoliberal consensus can give way to a diversity of local constructions of state capacity and community organization amidst a

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Editorial Introduction

The Cases of Japan, Australia, and the United States

Harry G. J. Nijhuis and Laurent J.G. van der Maesen

neoliberal politics that prevail in many areas of American society. The argument raised in this contribution also refers to the debate regarding the adverse impacts of reductionist tendencies in the positivist, atomistic human sciences. By reducing problems

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Editorial Introduction

The Cases of Italy and China

Harry G. J. Nijhuis and Laurent J.G. van der Maesen

immense differences between China and India? The posed questions refer to complicated issues: the utilitarian-individualistic pattern of thought; its connection with the concept of liberalism and contemporary neoliberalism; the concept and practices of

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Using Photovoice to Explore Migrant Women's Sociospatial Engagement in Diverse Local Urban Areas of Santiago, Chile

Carolina Ramírez

social revolt of October 2019. This was a process of mobilizations and protests that expressed popular discontent with the unequal access and privatization of social security, education, health, and even water systems—all consequences of the neoliberal

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The Societal Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic Explained via Three Frameworks

Harry G. J. Nijhuis and Laurent J.G. van der Maesen

and unequivocally framed. The neoliberal economist Friedrich Hayek rightly criticized this messy typological tradition of the use of the term “social” ( Piper 1997 ). In the COVID discourse, the same equivocal use of the term “social” appeared, among

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Review Essay

Lives, Works, and Conversations in Economic Anthropology

Chris Hann

sense of collective progress in the neoliberal decades. Most branches of anthropology nowadays are highly individualist, and the genre of autobiography inevitably turns the spotlight on the self. Among these three, only Cook makes a consistent effort to

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The Case of South Africa

The Societal Impact of COVID-19

Krish Chetty

, combined with a request for the working-class majority to wait patiently for the trickle-down effects of the neoliberal macroeconomic framework, which, according to Alexander, would lead to a social breakdown. Furthermore, the effects of blatant greed and