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Rethinking Anthropological Models of Spirit Possession and Theravada Buddhism

Erick White

South and Southeast Asian Theravada Buddhism guided initial work in the anthropology of Buddhism during the 1960s and 1970s, producing a variety of classic studies by anthropologists such as Gananath Obeyesekere (1963) , Melford Spiro (1970) , Stanley

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Uncertainty, Risk, and Merit-Making

Tea Economy and Religious Practices in a Southern Yunnan Bulang Community

Zhen Ma

's external uncertainties and risks, they do provide powerful shock absorbers for the Bulang, who practice Theravada Buddhism and worship spirit cults. The Bulang ideology of merit is complicated by the broader concept of blessing, which is especially

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On Rewriting Buddhism

Or, How Not to Write a History

Ananda Abeysekara

medieval Pali texts as “imitations” of Sanskrit works owing to their “intellectual chauvinism” (8). Scholars, Gornall says, had neglected the Pali texts because they thought that “medieval Theravada Buddhism in Sri Lanka was conservative and culturally

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Belonging in a New Myanmar

Identity, Law, and Gender in the Anthropology of Contemporary Buddhism

Juliane Schober

universe they embody. Showing how Theravada Buddhist literature, practices, and discourse have shaped local and regional histories has allowed scholars to go beyond received distinctions between text and practice in the study of Theravada Buddhism

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Legacies, Trajectories, and Comparison in the Anthropology of Buddhism

Nicolas Sihlé and Patrice Ladwig

by the dominance of scholarship on Theravāda (the Doctrine of the Elders) Buddhism, a range of forms found primarily in Sri Lanka and most of continental Southeast Asia. Theravāda Buddhism has often been perceived to embody a closer adherence to the

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So What Is the Anthropology of Buddhism About?

David N. Gellner

Enlightenment influence (ibid.: 150–151). Some have argued that Theravāda Buddhism provides a similar strong template for proto-nationalism, that is, national identity before the age of nationalism and colonialism. In other words, certain texts, such as the

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“Like a Dream, an Illusion, a Drop of Dew, a Flash of Lightning”

Buddhist (Un)reality, Thought Experiments, and the “Ecological Dharma Eye” in Lu Yang's Material World Knight Game Film

Livia Monnet

return to MWKGF' s “Buddhist teachings” later in this article; for now, I would like to call attention to the fact that the film's Buddhist discourse borrows freely both from the (Chinese translations of the) Pali canon of Theravada Buddhism and from the

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Post-war Blood

Sacrifice, Anti-sacrifice, and the Rearticulations of Conflict in Sri Lanka

Neena Mahadev

thesis against the reformist and nationalistic conceits of vegetarianism in Sri Lankan Theravāda Buddhism, the Buddha himself had died from eating stale pork—a food item offered as dāna (alms) by a low-caste metal worker who was unaware of the provision

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Pali and Monastic Reform

A Response to Ananda Abeysekara

Alastair Gornall

: Buddhasāsanasamiti . Silber , Ilana Friedrich . 1995 . Virtuosity, Charisma, and Social Order: A Comparative Sociological Study of Monasticism in Theravada Buddhism and Medieval Catholicism . Cambridge : Cambridge University Press . Siri Paññāmoli Tissa

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Imitations of Buddhist Statecraft

The Patronage of Lao Buddhism and the Reconstruction of Relic Shrines and Temples in Colonial French Indochina

Patrice Ladwig

are encountering here is essentially a modern, colonial version of two interrelated processes that have been of prime importance throughout the history of Theravāda Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia. First, in Theravāda theories of statecraft