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Representative Government in the Dutch Provinces

The Controversy over the Stadtholderate (1705–1707) and Simon van Slingelandt

Bert Drejer

discredit. Accordingly, the first half of the article discusses how earlier commentators developed their own theories of representative government in the context of a debate about the best polity for the Dutch provinces. The second half deals with Van

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‘The Expenditure of a Million of British Sovereigns in this Otherwise Miserable Place’

Frontier Wars, Public Debt and the Cape’s Non-racial Constitution

Jeff Peires

Colonial Office. Finally, we will trace the narrative of the events which culminated in the emergence in 1854 of a Cape representative government, elected on a qualified but non-racial franchise. Peace Is Ruin Apart from the necessary expenses of

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Democratic Representation and Legislative Theatre

Gustavo H. Dalaqua

debate and vote on in the assembly. Although I partially concur with it, I do not endorse Landemore's critique in its entirety because I do not suppose the adoption of direct participation mechanisms to be incompatible with representative government. By

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The Modernity of Political Representation

Its Innovative Thrust and Transnational Semantic Transfers during the Sattelzeit (Eighteenth to Nineteenth Centuries)

Samuel Hayat and José María Rosales

Representation is a major and multifaceted concept of modern politics. Through open and regular elections, it shields the democratic character of representative governments, compelling politicians to pursue the interests of their constituencies and

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Republican Constitutionalism

Plebeian Institutions and Anti-Oligarchic Rules

Camila Vergara

inevitable degradation of the system of restraints and incentives aimed at limiting the oligarchic tendencies of representative government, ‘the vices which will corrupt even the best organised constitution if it remains unaltered’ (221). Condorcet

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“Africa, Are We There Yet?” Taking African Mobilities Seriously—Concluding Remarks

Kudzai Matereke

that “rude nations” or “barbarians” were inherently unfit for representative government; thus he saw despotism as the legitimate form of government. 5 Historicism also rode on the wave of a Hegelian dialectics, whereby progress is a teleological and

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From Wakīl to Numā’indah

A History of Urdu Concepts for Political Representation in North India, 1858–1919

Eve Tignol

elections, and the extension of the franchise. The aim is to characterize the shifting vernacular concepts and vocabulary of representation in their historical context by focusing on the colonial period during which representative government was gradually

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Reflections on the Meaning of the “Crisis of Democracy”

Nadia Urbinati

democracy to electoral procedures yet could not make peace with the fact that those procedures would open the door to citizens’ participation and claimant movements. The paradox revealed a lack of understanding of representative government, which entails

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Organized Interests and the Prospects of a Global Democracy

Leif Lewin

Globalization calls into question the fate of nation-states and, thereby, the kind of representative government that has developed within their confines. What is being challenged is, more precisely, the idea of political equality on which

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Why History Matters for Democracy

John Keane

democracy (and openly contemptuous of the “pride and vanity” and “licentious habits” of Athens). It was silent about the complex origins of representative government in continental Europe and (characteristic of its times) ignorant of important contemporary