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Expat, Local, and Refugee

“Studying Up” the Global Division of Labor and Mobility in the Humanitarian Industry in Jordan

Reem Farah

Introduction Since 2012, over a million Syrians have fled to Jordan, 671,551 of whom are registered refugees ( UNOCHA 2019 ). Due to economic instability and rising unemployment in the country, the incoming demographic was scapegoated for

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Min Al-Mukhayyam’ (‘From the Camp’)

Discourses of Difference and the Boundaries of Exile amongst Palestinian Refugees in Jordan

Michael Pérez

of East Amman with a high concentration of Palestinian families like his. Asad lacked formal refugee status and had never lived in a refugee camp. 2 Since his parents arrived in Jordan, they have been able to find housing in Amman's neighbourhoods

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States of Displacement: Middle Eastern Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons and Asylum Seekers in Global Context

Lucia Volk and Marcia C. Inhorn

registered refugees from Syria currently reside in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon ( UNHCR 3RP Plan 2020 ). The number of unregistered refugees living in neighbouring countries is impossible to know. In contrast, all 27 member states of the European Union (EU

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‘Life Is Tight Here’

Displacement and Desire amongst Syrian Refugee Women in Jordan

Morgen A. Chalmiers

Since the civil war began in 2011, 5.5 million Syrians have fled their home country and are now living as refugees. Jordan, specifically, hosts more than 600,000 displaced Syrians. The majority of Syrians in Jordan fled their home provinces of

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Legal regimes under pandemic conditions: A comparative anthropology

Geoffrey Hughes

happens to enter, something we attempt to leverage in this issue's forum through reflections from ethnographers working in both India (Dey) and the United States (Brinkworth et al., McGranahan). To take my own ethnographic field of Jordan as yet another

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Publications and Films

Kathleen M. Gallagher, Ahmed Kanna, Natalie Nesvaderani, Rana Dajani, Dima Hamadmad, and Ghufran Abudayyeh

liminal space of stateless communities, and the resiliency required for their survival. The book begins in the comfort of six-year-old Doaa's home in Dara'a near the Jordanian border. From playing with her cousins in the courtyard to observing aunts

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Staying Tuned

Connections beyond ‘the Field’

Geoffrey Hughes and Anna-Maria Walter

field reaching out and grabbing him with unexpected force. He was back home in Exeter sitting with his wife on a Saturday morning after a stint of research when he received a series of panicked WhatsApp messages from one of his Jordanian interlocutors

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Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh and Francesco Carella

manners. Facing the Syrian crisis since 2011, neighboring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey have had to grapple with hosting overwhelmingly high numbers of refugees, sometimes reaching over one-quarter of the population of the country, as in

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Unexpected Intimacies

An Exploration of the Physician–Patient Relationship during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Kelly Colas

sociopolitical, cultural and economic variables that influence how such information is created and applied, and how it shapes subsequent outcomes ( Adams 2016 ; Bates 2000 ; Jordan 1993 ; Sargent and Johnson 1996 ; Singer 1986 ). This seemingly neutral

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Decolonial Approaches to Refugee Migration

Nof Nasser-Eddin and Nour Abu-Assab in Conversation

Nof Nasser-Eddin and Nour Abu-Assab

long before the current “refugee crisis,” there have been migrations from the first Iraq war and the second Iraq war, where many Iraqi refugees fled to Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, with the majority staying in those countries. Most Iraqis didn't want to