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Melissa Feinberg

Maria Bucur, Gendering Modernism: A Historical Reappraisal of the Canon , London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2017, xi +149 pp., $24.95 (paperback), ISBN: 978-1-350-0265-4. Maria Bucur, The Century of Women: How Women Have Transformed the World

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Ana Kolarić

researchers and academics who are interested in exploring modernity and modernism. 1 They usually examine the work of many unknown, forgotten, or marginalized women authors (writers, journalists, editors) and, more often than not, their research challenges

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Valentina Mitkova

formation (the late nineteenth century or the early phase of Bulgarian modernism), but also at different periods of the historical development of the Bulgarian intelligentsia (such as the first decades of the twentieth century). It motivated the way Mara

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Instead of a Novel

Sophia Yablonska's Travelogues in the History of Modern Ukrainian Literature

Olena Haleta

changing the place and action in a work. However, as Joyce Kelley notes in Excursions into Modernism: Women Writers, Travel, and the Body , “particularly for modernist writers, … travel provided a new venue, a new muse … travel writers of the early decades

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Anna Bara and Erika Monahan

intended. Contrary to the svoir faire— local, practical skills that James Scott, in Seeing Like a State argued could serve as a corrective to the failures of “high modernism”—Cameron finds that local involvement in bai confiscation made it worse, and

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‘But No One Died’: A Brief Reflection on Place and Time

Edited by Christine McCourt

. A kind of outward-looking modernism that was originally scorned in his work is perhaps echoed in the wider political sphere. Questions were posed about authenticity and what the replication of a building that was more than a building would mean. A

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Valentina Mitkova

texture of her poetry. “Asimvolia” (Asymbolia)—the fifth thematic part of the volume—outlines Miglena Nikolchina's interests in the field of Western European literature and modernism, interpreted through the theoretical optics of Julia Kristeva. 8 The

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Adriana Zaharijević, Kristen Ghodsee, Efi Kanner, Árpád von Klimó, Matthew Stibbe, Tatiana Zhurzhenko, Žarka Svirčev, Agata Ignaciuk, Sophia Kuhnle, Ana Miškovska Kajevska, Chiara Bonfiglioli, Marina Hughson, Sanja Petrović Todosijević, Enriketa Papa-Pandelejmoni, Stanislava Barać, Ayşe Durakbaşa, Selin Çağatay, and Agnieszka Mrozik

authorship and gender policies at the beginning of the twentieth century for the formation of modernity. To investigate this complex relationship, she asks the following questions: Can one speak of modernity and modernism in the singular? What defines

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“Maternal Impressions”

Disability Memoirs in Socialist Poland

Natalia Pamula

Fidelis, Women, Communism, and Industrialization in Postwar Poland (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010); Nanette Funk and Magda Mueller, eds., Gender Politics and Post-Communism (New York: Routledge, 1993); Joanna Goven, “Gender and Modernism

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Eugene N. Anderson, Jodie Asselin, Jessica diCarlo, Ritwick Ghosh, Michelle Hak Hepburn, Allison Koch, and Lindsay Vogt

. Ecomodernism: Technology, Politics and the Climate Crisis . Cambridge: Polity. 232 pp. ISBN: 978-1-5095-3120-2. In Ecomodernism: Technology, Politics and the Climate Crisis , Jonathan Symons makes a case for a socio-democratic variation of ecomodernism. Eco-modernism