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Interruptions: Challenges and Innovations in Exhibition-Making

The Second World Museologies Workshop, National Museum of Ethnology (MINPAKU), Osaka, December 2019

Laura Osorio Sunnucks, Nicola Levell, Anthony Shelton, Motoi Suzuki, Gwyneira Isaac, and Diana E. Marsh

“interruptions” as a point of departure to consider how paradigm shifts and local museologies can galvanize the museum sector, especially when it is confronted by the rise of right-wing populism, systemic racism, and neoliberal culture wars, intercultural

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Report from the Region

The “Anti-Gender” Wave Contested: Gender Studies, Civil Society, and the State in Eastern Europe and Beyond*

kindergarten children), similarly aggressive anti-immigration discourse or anti-Muslim racism in particular and aggressive responses to other feminist discourses and policies, on the other. Fourth, as this dual “argument” unfolds we witness, in parallel, the

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Becoming Communist

Ideals, Dreams, and Nightmares

Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild

early days, through attempts to perfect the behavior of those at the Lenin School and purge them of racism, classism, and sexism, to the lived experience in Spain during the civil war, to the general fight against fascism during World War II, to the

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Public Health in Eastern Europe

Visible Modernization and Elusive Gender Transformation

Evguenia Davidova

; eating habits and alcoholism; specific illnesses that afflicted the rural population (pellagra); and racial degeneration. It was the latter that coalesced anxieties of depopulation with nationalism, racism, and anti-Semitism. Within this amalgam

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Maria Bucur, Alexandra Ghit, Ayşe Durakbaşa, Ivana Pantelić, Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild, Elizabeth A. Wood, Anna Müller, Galina Goncharova, Zorana Antonijević, Katarzyna Sierakowska, Andrea Feldman, Maria Kokkinou, Alexandra Zavos, Marija M. Bulatović, Siobhán Hearne, and Rayna Gavrilova

University Press, 2018, 487 pp., BGN 16 (paperback), ISBN: 978-954-07-4474-2. Book review by Galina Goncharova Department of Cultural Studies, St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia, Bulgaria Since the mid-1990s, the question “Is there fascism/racism

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Cristiana Bastos

, enslavement, racialism, post-empire diasporas, and reconfigurations of racism mostly refers to the Atlantic world, historians and anthropologists have also explored the Indian Ocean and Pacific areas. Be that through the conventional political economy approach

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The Work of Culture, Heritage, and Musealized Spaces in “Unprecedented Times”

Christina Kreps

causes and fallout—that is, legacies of slavery and European colonialism; institutionalized racism and violence; and the structural inequalities of the capitalist world system. The articles stand as examples of engaged research and scholarship that seek

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Paulette Wallace

since Floyd's death, with disgruntled crowds calling for an end to police brutality and racism ( Mohamed and Stepansky 2020 ). The unrest has escalated into a global interrogation of the continued memorialization of men known (for what is considered in

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Sara Selwood and Lillia McEnaney

addressed in the Modern Moral Subjects —conflicting social attitudes, 3 unethical consumption, racism, sexism, inequality, and antisocial and pathological behaviours. But, they may well have been uncomfortable with the images themselves. In these woke

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Bringing Slavery into the Light in Postcolonial Portugal

The rhetoric and poetics of a slavery exhibition

Paula Mota Santos

-Tropicalism and Its Discontents . New York : Berghahn . Araújo , Marta . 2013 . “ Challenging Narratives on Diversity and Immigration in Portugal: The (De)politicization of Colonialism and Racism .” In Migrant Marginality: A Transnational Perspective , ed