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Public Health in Eastern Europe

Visible Modernization and Elusive Gender Transformation

Evguenia Davidova

and diminished funding. Similarly, Angelika Strobel argues that the emergent railway medicine in late imperial Russia, as part of the state-building process, tried to use statistics “as a tool of governance,” but was not effective in constructing a

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Pac'Stão versus the City of Police

Contentious Activism Facing Megaprojects, Authoritarianism, and Violence

Einar Braathen

suburban railway. The local train station played a key socioeconomic role for the area. As factories closed down during Rio's economic stagnation in the 1980s and 1990s, income was increasingly generated by people commuting to the more prosperous and

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Black October

Comics, Memory, and Cultural Representations of 17 October 1961

Claire Gorrara

. Baetens terms these motifs “etymons,” which he describes as “defining visual figurations through which a work can be read in its entirety.” 51 In the case of Octobre noir , one defining etymon is the railway bridge. Prior to the demonstration, in the

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‘But No One Died’: A Brief Reflection on Place and Time

Edited by Christine McCourt

observed over this same year the continual creation by ‘the homeless’ of something that resembles home, the clearance and reconstitution of some kind of meaningful and contained space – pictures stuck to the brick wall of a railway bridge, boxes collected

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Svetlana Huusko

the names of its exhibitions and halls—“Exploration of Northern Transbaikalia,” “History of the settlements of Severobaikal'skii district,” “Socialist way of life,” “Baikal-Amur Mainline Railway,” “Fish factory—the glory of Baikal, the pride of the

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Roads versus Rivers

Two Systems of Spatial Structuring in Northern Russia and Their Effects on Local Inhabitants

Kirill V. Istomin

, communication routes and facilities and particularly roads (including railways) have been attracting the strong interest of anthropologists. Research has been published on the social, cultural, and political role of roads (e.g., Harvey and Knox 2015 ; Kaschuba

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Drawing Stereotypes

Europe and East Asia in Russian Political Caricature, 1900–1905

Zachary Hoffman

empire converged in Northeast Asia. As Russia expanded into the region via the Trans-Siberian Railway, it abutted not only China and Japan but also the European powers (notably Great Britain, France, and Germany) occupying “treaty ports” and spheres of

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High-rise social failures

Regulating technologies, authority, and aesthetics in the resettlement of Taipei military villages

Elisa Tamburo

). Eli Elinoff's (2016) material on railway houses in Thailand considers how through different understandings of home aesthetic, residents, planners, and NGOs enact different moral orders and political subjects. Asher Ghertner (2015) called dominant

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Getting by or getting ahead

State social spending and financialization in Peru

Susan Vincent

on reciprocal relations with kin and in the community, and very much reflected the combination of peasant farming and male migrant work in the regional mining and railway sector. Wage income was pivotal, with the cash making its way to full

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The Territorialization of Vietnam's Northern Upland Frontier

Migrant Motivations and Misgivings from World War II until Today

Sarah Turner, Thi-Thanh-Hien Pham, and Ngô Thúy Hạnh

, they were farmers, so when we moved here, my parents continued farming, growing rice and fruit trees; but now for the collective.” A few others migrated to work in state-organized forestry cooperatives or other state positions such as railway work