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Commitment, Convergence, Alterity

Muslim-Christian Comparison and the Politics of Distinction in the Netherlands

Daan Beekers

Evangelical Christians and reformist Muslims constitute two of the most prominent religious groups in the Netherlands, as in much of Western Europe. While the public role of mainline Christian institutions and the degree of regular church attendance

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Austrian “Gypsies” in the Italian archives

Historical ethnography on multiple border crossings at the beginning of the twentieth century

Paola Trevisan

stigmatization of Romani families in interwar western Europe .” Quaderni Storici 146 ( 2 ): 499 – 531 . About , Ilsen . 2017 . “ Moving Roma away from the borders: Scope, failure and effect of a European conference to solve the ‘Gypsy question’ in the 1900

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A Visitor's Guide to Shamans and Shamanism

The Kunstkamera's Russian and Asian Ethnographic Collections in the Late Imperial Era

Marisa Karyl Franz

was a peculiar Empire. Set apart by its vast territorial expanse and human diversity from the continental dynastic empires to which it was closest akin politically, Russia also differed intrinsically from the maritime colonial empires of Western Europe

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Contesting the Social Contract

Tax Reform and Economic Governance in Istria, Croatia

Robin Smith

in Western European commerce and circumvent export controls, it was common for private companies throughout Yugoslavia to have offices in Bujština. Thus, I would characterize Bujština and the Free Territory as having been a particular syncretic market

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From behind stall doors

Farming the Eastern German countryside in the animal welfare era

Amy Leigh Field

, sentimentalized as important members of human collectivities in their own right, arose in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Western Europe as a result of both urbanization and the relegation of “nature” and human interactions with food animals to the

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Into and Out of Citizenship, through Personal Tax Payments

Romanian Migrants’ Leveraging of British Self-Employment

Dora-Olivia Vicol

of Ion captures a paradox I encountered repeatedly. Acquainted with the skepticism that had surrounded Romanian migration in the British press and Western European media more broadly ( Vicol and Allen 2014 ), many of the people I interviewed framed

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Fieldwork at sunset

Visual representations of anthropology online

Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins and Hannah Gould

images of hunting-gathering feature spears and archery but rarely guns. Just one photograph shows a Western European rifle hunt—with participants costumed in tweed. Almost all the images of material culture in our data set privilege the preindustrial

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Federica Tarabusi

events in Bosnia are discussed locally. While the taxi driver's words associate Western Europe with modernity and change, the official's comment is based on a widespread perception, common in the Balkans, that casts their peoples as “inclined” to internal

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Laurent Berger

(particularly in the Abbasid Caliphate and Song China), and perceptible in the extent of their manifestation: raids, kidnappings, and the sale of relatives and fellows in the slave trade in Africa and the Indian Ocean; the putting out system in Western Europe

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Gender and Empire

The Imprisonment of Women in Eighteenth-Century Siberia

Gwyn Bourlakov

intellectual and literary salons in Russia began in the eighteenth century as an outgrowth of Peter I's desire to reform or “modernize” Russian elite society to mirror the salon culture of Western Europe. 25 Horace Dewey, “Suretyship and Collective