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Democratic Procedures Are Not Inherently Democratic

A Critical Analysis of John Keane's The New Despotism (Harvard University Press, 2020)

Gergana Dimova

, small-business owners enjoy the chance to benefit from their profits and to feel vested in the economy. Importantly, the system ensures that the middle classes possess a small but tangible degree of material comforts, such as annual vacations and trips

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Heidi Hakkarainen

Britain and France, moral philosophy became intimately interlinked with emotions, as the nineteenth-century middle classes understood moral sense as being dependent on the cultivation of appropriate feelings. The capacity to feel compassion was supposed to

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Marie Paxton and Uğur Aytaç

designing procedures), it is my contention that Bateman does not fully acknowledge the way in which political participation is affected by age, gender, race, class, education, and time. Indeed, certain of Bateman's proposals, such as to use activist leaders

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Pluralist Democracy and Non-Ideal Democratic Legitimacy

Against Functional and Global Solutions to the Boundary Problem in Democratic Theory

Tom Theuns

the polity. In ancient Athenian democracy, there were (roughly) four classes of persons: male citizens, female citizens, metics, and slaves. Citizens were those whose parents were Athenian. Metics lived in Athens but were not Athenian-born, and

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Struggles over Expertise

Practices of Politicization and Depoliticization in Participatory Democracy

Taina Meriluoto

Effects of Deliberation in Working-Class Districts .” European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology 2 ( 3–4 ): 189 – 210 . doi: 10.1080/23254823.2016.1145909 . 10.1080/23254823.2016.1145909 Cornwall , Andrea , and Vera Schattan Coelho

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Rethinking Modes of Political Participation

The Conventional, Unconventional, and Alternative

Marcin Kaim

Katz , Ines Levin , and Lucas Núñez . 2020 . “ Conventional and Unconventional Participation in Latin America: A Hierarchical Latent Class Approach .” Political Science Research and Methods 1 – 11 . doi: 10.1017/psrm.2020.35 . 10.1017/psrm

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Realizing Interspecies Democracy

The Preconditions for an Egalitarian, Multispecies, World

Sue Donaldson, Janneke Vink, and Jean-Paul Gagnon

( Stuurman 2004 ) and have gathered a tidal momentum in innumerable instances in this world across its history, crashing with brave and hard hopes for a fairer future against those monarchs, aristocrats, oligarchs, classes, capitalists, governments, managers

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Voices that Matter?

Methods for Historians Attending to the Voices of the Past

Josephine Hoegaerts

E. P. Thompson … quotes [his sources] generously, providing readers with glimpses of the voices of a working class in the making. These quotations, the spelling often idiosyncratic, sometimes phonetic, are such that readers can almost hear these