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Between Boundary-Work and Cosmopolitan Aspirations

A Historical Genealogy of EASA (and European Anthropology)

Damián Omar Martínez

, Kuper claimed, had successfully provided that theoretical project and a common ground among European intellectual traditions, leading the field towards a ‘multi-centred’ and ‘more cosmopolitan discipline’. I left the Plenary Session convinced by Kuper

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Teppo Eskelinen

GiusePPe CAruso (2012) CosMoPolitAn futures. GloBAl ACtivisM for A just WorlD. HelsinKi: into PuBlisHinG. free e-BooK. PP.228, isBn 978-952-264-216-5

The World Social Forum (WSF) - the gathering of global justice activists, an inspiration for innumerable people worldwide, even hailed as “the world parliament in exile” in its early days - is in its second decade of existence. 14 years after its initial launch in Porto Alegre, Brazil, the Forum has materialized in numerous locations worldwide, getting ever closer to its global ideal. On the other hand, some surely wished to see it become a vehicle for institutional change by its teenage, a scenario which has not unfolded.

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Victor Igreja

social audiences in everyday life. I also examined the factors that encouraged and discouraged social audiences to engage with the images and help cards used in the campaign. Talking Images and Anti-Violence Signs in Cosmopolitan Spaces Around the world

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Interpretation and Rationality

Developing Donald Davidson's Ideas in International Political Theory

Nikolay Gudalov

together, Davidson's insights can help us rethink realist, strong post-positivist and other approaches, as well as the normative cosmopolitan–communitarian distinction. Certainly, Davidson's thought evolved throughout his essays. However, as demonstrated

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Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh and Juliano Fiori

to displacement and migration that do more than resist ? JF : Any cosmopolitan response to migration is an act of resistance to the political organization of the interstate system. 4 As blood-and-soil politicians now threaten to erect walls around

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Leyla Neyzi, Nida Alahmad, Nina Gren, Martha Lagace, Chelsey Ancliffe, and Susanne Bregnbæk

the fourth and last chapter and takes the form of a critique of the normative project of legal cosmopolitanism. The latter term seems to denote the establishment of a global legal order. On this basis, and given the reality that such an order can

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Ben Page, Olga R. Gulina, Doğuş Şimşek, Caress Schenk, and Vidya Venkat

conceptualizing home. The next chapter, by Misha Myers and Mariam Issa, shows how home is a creative and collaborative work. Part 9 “Open Cities,” is “centrally concerned with the tension between the city and the state, openness and closedness, cosmopolitan

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Chiara Bonfiglioli

for feminist activism in the global South, spurring a variety of newly formed NGOs led by a generation of “cosmopolitan feminists,” which would revolutionize existing conceptions of gender and development. While Olcott's book does justice to the

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On the Usefulness of Boundary Re-work

Francisco Martínez

anthropologies, pointing out, however, that the initial boundary-work of EASA excluded colleagues from Eastern Europe, especially folklorists and ethnologists. As a microcosm of Europe, EASA has also produced a great variety of cosmopolitan impulses, notes

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Pluralist Democracy and Non-Ideal Democratic Legitimacy

Against Functional and Global Solutions to the Boundary Problem in Democratic Theory

Tom Theuns

scope of this article (e.g., Christiano 2006 ; Dahl 1999 ; Miller 2010 ; Näsström 2007: 647 ; Nili 2017 ). On the other hand, there are also theorists who commend global (or “cosmopolitan”) democracy for reasons entirely independent of the global