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Educating the Other

Foreign Governesses in Wallachia in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century

Nicoleta Roman

was a member of a professional group with a significant impact not only on the elite in this part of Europe, but also on educational initiatives for girls: namely, governesses. The model of private education provided by governesses in aristocratic

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“Did You Teach Us to Do Otherwise?”

Young Women in the Tsukunft Youth Movement in Interwar Poland and Their Role Models

Magdalena Kozłowska

empowering and often radicalizing experience of young Tsukunft women during the interwar period as they learned from their female role models how to live, organize, rebel, resist, and fight. I argue that despite the scarcity of high-ranking female leaders

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Sharon A. Kowalsky

-sponsored institutions, governesses served as role models for young women and shaped the next generation of Romanian teachers. Similarly, Magdalena Kozłowska investigates the transgenerational connections that shaped and influenced the female members of the Tsukunft, the

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Conal McCarthy

-anthropology-community engagement, which is longer and more diverse than previously understood, Kreps provides revealing insights into what we can now see as vital models for “ethical and socially responsive practice” ( 2020: 227–228 ). Indeed, in the conclusion of the book readers

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Greagh Smith, Conal McCarthy, Bronwyn Labrum, Ken Arnold, Dominique Poulot, Jill Haley, Jun Wei, and Safua Akeli Amaama

anthropology in a new light, in contrast to the postmodern crises/critique model of the 1980s, which tends to erase the past and overlook earlier and ever-present criticism and debate within the field. There are many lessons here: I had no idea about H. H

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Valentina Mitkova

various theoretical and literary-historical models of artistic reception (techniques that are certainly representative of Kirova's writing). Similar to the compositional architecture and concept of Literaturata: Udovolstvia i predizvikatelstva is the

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Valentina Mitkova

/matter), subject to his guidance and modeling. One hundred years after Mara Belcheva's inauguration in the Bulgarian literary scene, the two-volume critical edition Mara Belcheva: Poezia and Mara Belcheva: Proza i prevodi , initiated and compiled by Milena

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Chiara Bonfiglioli

shunned by Western activists who perceived socialist and anti-imperialist demands as a form of undue “politicization” of the conference. Olcott also discusses the competing models of modernization and development that emerged during the conference, and

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Paula Mota Santos and Hugo DeBlock

more traditional and small-scale growers, the new world of legal production, distribution, and consumption is posing unexpected challenges, as they have to face business models that fall outside their way of relating to the plant. In an effort to avoid

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The East Side Story of Gender and Feminism

The Hungarian and Czech Cases

Gabriela Dudeková Kováčová

Fojtová in her introductory chapter to the second, “post-1989,” part of the book. Comparing feminism with the communist model of women's emancipation and with the situation in other Western and Eastern European countries, Fojtová's essay and conclusions