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Instead of a Novel

Sophia Yablonska's Travelogues in the History of Modern Ukrainian Literature

Olena Haleta

always correspond to established norms and patterns, were also “a recognition of and a response to the fact that definitions of achievements are often idiosyncratic and reflections of current ideology” and inspired “rethinking the usual criteria for

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Melissa Feinberg

revolutionaries who wanted to break decisively with traditions of all kinds. To what extent, Bucur asks, did their activities include a rebellion against traditional gender norms? This is not a question most historians of modernism have found important. Yet, Bucur

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Women and War in the Balkans

A Comparative Review Essay

Maria Bucur

quite disappointing is in the author's repeated shyness in drawing broader conclusions about the state of Romanian society during that time in terms of gender norms. I find the following example most telling: In describing the efforts of volunteer nurses

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Public Health in Eastern Europe

Visible Modernization and Elusive Gender Transformation

Evguenia Davidova

, which are a major primary source, in addition to medical articles and some doctors’ memoirs (no women, though). In general, most of the reports were critical and highlighted failures to observe sanitary norms. According to Barbulescu, the negativity of

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A Gloomy Carnival of Freedom

Sex, Gender, and Emotions among Polish Displaced Person in the Aftermath of World War II

Katarzyna Nowak

experiences. People ate, drank, rested, and made love. In this moment, sexuality seemed freed from the usual constrictions and social norms. Many felt liberated not only from physical enslavement, but from the fetters of tradition. Others were critical of

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Stiletto Socialism

Social Class, Dressing Up, and Women's Self-Positioning in Socialist Slovenia

Polona Sitar

improper makeup use could result in being labeled as prostitutes. 36 Already after World War I, prescribed norms for women advised modesty, merit, tidiness, and decency. The use of cosmetics, especially lipstick and powder, became a symbol of vanity and

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Sharon A. Kowalsky

feelings of liberation and sexual indulgence quickly shifted to the restoration of prewar cultural norms in personal relationships. Nowak argues that the renewed regulation of female sexuality among Polish DPs was part of a broader effort among their

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“The 1990s Wasn't Just a Time of Bandits; We Feminists Were Also Making Mischief!”

Celebrating Twenty Years of Feminist Enlightenment Projects in Tver’

Julie Hemment and Valentina Uspenskaya

grassroots quality, insofar as it was based on student self-organization. That's rather rare, and departs from the norm in the university as I understand it. Several student participants from other departments remarked upon this and expressed their surprise

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Report from the Region

The “Anti-Gender” Wave Contested: Gender Studies, Civil Society, and the State in Eastern Europe and Beyond*

mainstreamed, gender norms, such as equal treatment or politics against sexualized gender violence on the one hand, with aggressive attacks on “gender ideology” or its supposedly extremely harmful “exaggerations” (e.g., confusion of the gender identity of

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Valentina Mitkova

, predstavi i obrazi v bulgarskata kultura ot XIX–nachaloto na XX vek” [Female identities: Norms, ideas, images in the Bulgarian culture from XIX to the beginning of XX century], in Balkanski identichnosti [Balkan identities] (Sofia: UI Sv. Kliment Ohridski