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“Deception begins with trade … ”

Vladimir Arsen’ev’s Economic Expertise and Challenges of Rationalizing Imperial Diversity in the Taiga

Aleksandr Turbin

/ethnographer/topographer, etc.), or, for example, the career military officer or Arsen'ev “the vanquisher,” valiantly strengthening the “buffer which had been withstanding the onslaught of the yellow race.” 8 This article does not look to add another alter ego of Arsen

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Natalya Khokholova

mechanisms of othering behind the sense of superiority of one race over another, and how it drove the imperial conquests and spread of its politics and laws. 4 Said's foundational work for post-colonial and imperialism studies Orientalism (1978) reveals

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Malfunctioning Affective Infrastructures

How the “Broken” Road Becomes a Site of Belonging in Postindustrial Eastern Siberia

Vasilina Orlova

drives house prices down by a factor that lessens with distance” (Rosiers, Thériault, Voisin, and Dubé 2007: 322). 14 On race in Russia, see Lemon 1995 , 2002 . 15 Other technological and infrastructural embodiments of modernity include radio, TV

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Sergey Glebov

: “There does exist the Pale of Settlement for the Jews, and they are deported from the localities beyond it if they cross it. Why can't we established a similar regulation for the ‘yellow race’?” Paradoxically, Arsen'ev blamed the Chinese for his

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Toward a Postimperial Order?

The Sakha Intellectuals and the Revolutionary Transformations in Late Imperial Russia, 1905–1917

Aleksandr Korobeinikov and Egor Antonov

central course of the Bolsheviks on “the full equality of all citizens regardless of gender, religion, race or nationality” and unification of (the Sakha) workers, soldiers, and peasants as a vanguard of socialist revolution. Perhaps because of the remote

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Dmitry V. Arzyutov and Sergei A. Kan

’kloristiki i antropologii , ed. Vera K. Sokolova , Issue 2 ,: 71 – 84 . Trudy Instituta etnografii im. N.N. Miklukho-Maklaia. Novaia Seriia 30 . Moscow : Izdatel’stvo AN SSSR . Stocking , George W. , Jr. 1968 . Race, Culture, and Evolution: Essays

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Frida Hastrup and Marianne Elisabeth Lien

Interest and Local Activism ’, Ethnologia Scandinavica 46 : 124 – 141 . Keskinen , S. et al. (eds) ( 2016 ), Complying with Colonialism: Gender, Race and Ethnicity in the Nordic Region ( London : Routledge ). 10

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The Neighbourhood as Home Away from Home?

Potentials and Dilemmas of Homemaking in the Public Among the Somali Swedes in Rinkeby, Stockholm

Aurora Massa and Paolo Boccagni

forms of exclusion or stigmatisation. The ways in which people deal with normality and stigma have been explored in different fields, including race and urban studies. Research on urban marginality has shown how people living in segregated areas do not

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The Obligation Is the Point

‘Refugee 2 Refugee’ Care and Solidarity in Greece

Zareena Grewal

:// . Foucault , M. ( 2003 ), ‘ Society Must Be Defended ’: Lectures at the College de France, 1975–1976 ( London : Penguin ). Gilmore , R. ( 2002 ), ‘ Race and Globalization

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Ontological Opportunism

Reanimating the Inanimate in Physics and Science Communication at CERN

Anne Dippel

, they share a similar dream of objectivity. Enchanted technology and animated matter have had a major impact on physics, turning the ‘culture of no culture’, with its ideal of a world where nation, race, class, and gender do not matter, into a nerd