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Pierre Déléage

Translator : Translated by Matthew Carey

October 1964. Tïlïwe village on the Upper Maroni river, French Guyana. Palanaiwa, a Wayana chief, decides to organize a major initiation ritual known as a maraké . Opoja, chief of a neighboring village called Tïpïti, accepts the invitation. The

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Sensory Perception of Rock Art in East Siberia and the Far East

Soviet Archeological “Discoveries” and Indigenous Evenkis

Donatas Brandišauskas

nonexistent rituals published by early ethnographers. At the same time, their findings, processes of documentation, and personal perceptions were also shaped by their sensual experiences. Various hardships related to site exploration and the respect shown to

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Narratives of the Invisible

Autobiography, Kinship, and Alterity in Native Amazonia

Vanessa Elisa Grotti and Marc Brightman

societies outside Amazonia ( Chaumeil 1983 ; Eliade 1964 ; Harner 1973) . In native Amazonia, a genre of ritual autobiography exists that combines mythic narratives and stories of personal experience in performances of dreams and visions, and the analysis

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Non “Religious” Knowing in Pilgrimages to Sacred Sites

Greek Cypriots’ “return” Pilgrimages to the Monastery of Apostolos Andreas (Cyprus)

Evgenia Mesaritou

Although pilgrimages are often directed toward what are conventionally seen as “religious” sites, religious and ritual forms of knowledge may not necessarily be the only, or even the most prominent, forms in their workings. Such types of knowledge

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Commitment, Convergence, Alterity

Muslim-Christian Comparison and the Politics of Distinction in the Netherlands

Daan Beekers

for spiritual experiences of feeling close to God, especially—but not only—through salat (ritual prayer). Some of them also criticized Salafi teachings for being “too rigid.” Yet in very similar ways, the young Muslims and Christians I worked with

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Tower block “failures”? High-rise anthropology

Constance Smith and Saffron Woodcraft

( Goody 1957 ; Parsons 1969 ). Perhaps most famously, Clifford Geertz (1957) took a “failed” funeral ritual as a point of departure for his critique of functionalism and the need for new ways to account for social change. Ritual failures have continued

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Circling around the really Real in Iran

Ethnography of Muharram laments among Shi'i volunteer militants in the Middle East

Younes Saramifar

landscapes of cries For Iranian Shi'is, Muharram, the first month of the lunar calendar, is the occasion for their most poignant rituals and moment of religious expression. While most (Sunni) Muslims celebrate Muharram as the beginning of a New Year, Shi

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Joseph Bristley and Elizabeth Turk

working in a variety of fields. Joseph Bristley University of Cambridge Reference Bernstein , A. 2013 . Religious Bodies Politic: Rituals of Sovereignty in Buryat Buddhism . Chicago : University of Chicago Press . 10.7208/chicago/9780226072692

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Fieldwork at sunset

Visual representations of anthropology online

Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins and Hannah Gould

brightly colored, ‘different’ dress, engaged in initially strange-seeming rituals or inexplicable behavior. This exoticism involves the creation of an other who is strange but—at least as important—beautiful” (1993: 89–90). Both exotic color and strangeness

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Traversing Fields

Affective Continuities across Muslim and Christian Settings in Berlin

Omar Kasmani and Dominik Mattes

constitute an analytic relationality between two religious settings in the city. While a Sufi ritual such as zikr hones mystical interiorities by securing one's contact with the saintly, it does so in order to address and remedy the risks and contaminations