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Laborers, Migrants, Refugees

Managing Belonging, Bodies, and Mobility in (Post)Colonial Kenya and Tanzania

Hanno Brankamp and Patricia Daley

than on wider solidarities and convivial relationships (see Malkki 1992 ). Research has inadvertently legitimized state policies that seek to strengthen the relationship between national territory and identity, subliminally fueling calls to “root out

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Fashioning Masculinities through Migration

Narratives of Romanian Construction Workers in London

Alexandra Urdea

migrants’ lives.” Transnational studies have for a long time had a gender-neutral approach to men, whose gender identity in the migration process was taken for granted ( K. Datta et al. 2009 , quoted in Souralová and Fialová 2017 ). More recently, studies

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From Ecuador to Elsewhere

The (Re)Configuration of a Transit Country

Soledad Álvarez Velasco

constitutional principles of “universal citizenship and free mobility,” of “equality between foreigners and nationals,” its commitment to safeguard “the right to seek asylum,” and to meet the “gradual elimination of the difference between nationals and foreigners

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Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh and Francesco Carella

strengthening of national development aid agencies that focus on South-South cooperation. 4 The United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) 5 was established in 1974 by the UN General Assembly to promote, coordinate, and support South-South and

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Decolonial Approaches to Refugee Migration

Nof Nasser-Eddin and Nour Abu-Assab in Conversation

Nof Nasser-Eddin and Nour Abu-Assab

UK government itself, for example, is cutting funding from the National Health Service [NHS], it's not because of the migrants that suddenly the NHS can no longer cope. And we think these critiques are really valid and important for people also based

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Managing a Multiplicity of Interests

The Case of Irregular Migration from Libya

Melissa Phillips

country that is also trying to develop a national identity and central government structure ( Sayigh 2015 ). Analyzing the interconnectedness or disconnectedness of different stakeholders—Libyan authorities, other Libyan interests, nongovernment

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Listening with Displacement

Sound, Citizenship, and Disruptive Representations of Migration

Tom Western

in the present, and connecting these to histories of movement. Athens is the focal point throughout. At a time when the European continent is marked by closed borders and calls for the protection of national cultures, Greece, especially Athens, plays

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Expat, Local, and Refugee

“Studying Up” the Global Division of Labor and Mobility in the Humanitarian Industry in Jordan

Reem Farah

displacement of Syrian refugees. However, despite the presence of a new transnational industry and foreign labor force in the country, their implication on labor in Jordan remained undebated and understudied in national and international discourses. This

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Notes around Hospitality as Inhabitation

Engaging with the Politics of Care and Refugees’ Dwelling Practices in the Italian Urban Context

Camillo Boano and Giovanna Astolfo

the early 2000s such “civic” practices were “institutionalized” and became a national policy of urban dispersal. 5 The SPRAR program is currently present in 95 cities, hosting 30,000 people. Based on the assumption that social connections are more

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Heather Wurtz and Olivia Wilkinson

interviews and one focus group per site among a range of diverse community stakeholders, including local faith leaders, volunteers, and staff members, international and national organizations, host community members, and displaced people. All interviews were