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Sharon A. Kowalsky

inspired her readers to re-evaluate their own stereotypes and ideas about cultural identity. Haleta shows how Yablonska created a unique genre in Ukrainian literature that situated her outside the established canon but allowed her to place gender at the

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Min Al-Mukhayyam’ (‘From the Camp’)

Discourses of Difference and the Boundaries of Exile amongst Palestinian Refugees in Jordan

Michael Pérez

camp refugees as an inferior community was similar to perspectives offered by other Palestinian refugees living outside of the camps. Like him, many Palestinians I interviewed shared a stereotyped image ( Collins 1986 ) of the camp refugees that

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Marcos Farias Ferreira, Máiréad Nic Craith, Markéta Slavková, Linda M. Mülli, Mariann Vaczi, Annika Lems, and Işıl Karataş

along stereotyped national boundaries. By comparing different understandings of modernity in the sense of Bruno Latour (1993) and class structures as theorized by Bourdieu, Lewicki also applies post-colonial and queer theory approaches to show how

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Whose Reality Counts?

Emergent Dalitbahujan Anthropologists

Reddi Sekhara Yalamala

; Hollen 2003 ). In response, Ilaiah challenges these stereotypes and depicts these same people as productive and industrious; caretakers of their own health through a diet that, by necessity, includes meat; caretakers of communal village health and well

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Federica Tarabusi

among internationals often tend to incorporate commonplace stereotypes about the Balkans. It is quite common to find such narratives expressing the idea that interethnic tensions and native corruption practices represent a foregone obstacle to processes

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Svetlana Huusko

state ideology. I show how this story, created by the museum, not only deprives the Evenkis of their history and culture but also provides roots for local stereotypes and choices for the young Evenkis. Based on Philip Deloria's (1998) differentiation

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“Going vertical” in times of insecurity

Constructing proximity and distance through a Kenyan gated high-rise

Zoë Goodman

as wageni (meaning foreigners or guests in Swahili), and stereotyped as insular and exploitative. Although perpetuating narratives that bring their Kenyan-ness into question, Khojas’ ascription as “Asian” means they are not the target of police

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Marija Bulatović and Višnja Krstić

mora i tri okeana, Dimitrijević's experience of traveling as “a woman of her age” (50) sets the basis for her examination of customary beliefs and for questioning the stereotypes common in her own society, where the “older lot” dare not travel on their

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Commitment, Convergence, Alterity

Muslim-Christian Comparison and the Politics of Distinction in the Netherlands

Daan Beekers

. 2017 . “ The Dutch War on Easter: Secular Passion for Religious Culture and National Rituals .” Yearbook of Ritual and Liturgical Studies 33 : 1 – 19 . 10.21827/5a2e424cb591e van Es , Margaretha A. 2016 . Stereotypes and Self-Representations of

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Anna Bara and Erika Monahan

stereotypes about Kazakh backwardness. China was another escape route, although Soviet authorities attempted to arrest and, on some occasions, shot fleeing Kazakhs. In the Karatal affair in late 1930, Soviets shot several families trying to cross the border