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Ana Kolarić

(dedicated to political and social issues, literature, literary criticism, etc.), editorials, illustrations, notes, correspondence, and advertisements, as well as topics including education, morality, gender stereotypes, feminism and emancipation, nationalism

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Valentina Mitkova

keys to reading the established patterns of mentality and gender stereotypes with which the patriarchal world operates (the biblical text is understood as a matrix of patriarchal thinking and the basis of the binary oppositions through which the latter

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Policing at a distance and that human thing

An appreciative critique of police surveillance

David Sausdal

igniting already existing xenophobic inclinations or even forming the basis of new negative stereotypes. However, what I also experienced was that the increasing use of technological means of policing was not necessarily something the detectives appreciated

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Social Criticism through Humour in the Digital Age

Multimodal Extension in the Works of Aleix Saló

Javier Muñoz-Basols and Marina Massaguer Comes

way. Still regarding phonetic games, we can find stereotyped reproductions of Chinese speakers’ speech when they speak Spanish, which mainly consist of pronouncing the ‘r’ sound as an ‘l’ and using all verbs in the infinitive – ‘No pleocupal. Gandolfo

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Julienne Weegels

-hour music and talk show on a local radio station, and facilitated my obtaining airtime on it too. His radio programme had broad appeal to a young audience and provided a platform through which to clarify prejudices and stereotypes about prison life and post

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Dirty Work, Dangerous Others

The Politics of Outsourced Immigration Enforcement in Mexico

Wendy Vogt

violence, insecurity, and economic precarity. In this context, Central American migrants, as gendered and racialized others, become easily stereotyped as criminals, delinquents, rapists, and kidnappers. Cultural crises and hysteria around immigrants

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Making the State Blush

Humanizing Relations in an Australian NGO Campaign for People Seeking Asylum

Tess Altman

oppositional groups. Humanization did two main things: first, it put forth a notion of humanity based on common values and rights; second, it rescaled relations away from generalized stereotypes to the level of the person, whether a person seeking asylum, a

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Ward Keeler

foreign languages. 4 Or an inclination toward anthropology perhaps? Anthropologists have taken recently to accusing each other of overgeneralizing about—which is to say, stereotyping—the people we study. I am stereotyping ‘us’, anthropologists, not ‘them

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Educating the Other

Foreign Governesses in Wallachia in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century

Nicoleta Roman

professional category of governess, whose members, designated generically as Mademoiselle, Fräulein, or Miss, were preceded by a cluster of stereotypes associated with their places of origin: coquettish and tolerant (French), severe and efficient (German), or

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Fieldwork at sunset

Visual representations of anthropology online

Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins and Hannah Gould

. We will demonstrate how surprisingly un representative online images of anthropology are: far from showing the contemporary discipline's breadth and critical contributions, the images rehearse worn stereotypes of faraway fields and exotic “others