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Sortir Manger / Eating Out

Les pique-niques des ouvrières du textile au Maroc dans les espaces publics / Female Textile Workers’ Picnics in Moroccan Public Open Spaces

Gaëlle Gillot

disent avoir des loisirs personnels. En effet, le stéréotype de la femme laborieuse (pour sa famille) et donc considérée par là-même vertueuse est très présent chez elles, sans compter qu'elles luttent en permanence contre le jugement social selon lequel

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Feelings in the Field

The Emotional Labour of the Ethnographer

Maria Concetta Lo Bosco

to address the social barriers, biased assumptions and harmful stereotypes facing people with disabilities. Advocacy gives parents the opportunity to be involved as active citizens in the broader disability rights movement, but along with pride and

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Shih-Hsiung Liu

textbook featured a gender stereotype that a mother is busy cooking in the kitchen while a father is just sitting on a sofa and reading his newspapers’. The corresponding test question was: ‘Which option among the following depicted in textbooks implies

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Enacting inclusivity in the preparation of emerging scholars

A response to programme reform in higher education

Saran Stewart, Chayla Haynes, and Kristin Deal

Mountain region, my sense of self in society was categorised by stereotypic profiling of being Black in a predominantly White state. I wrote in one of my reflections that regardless of my doctoral status at the university, that on the street, ‘as much as I

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Transculturality in higher education

Supporting students’ experiences through praxis

Heidi A. Smith

mentally without acting out of stereotypes’ ( Wulf 2010: 39 ). The individual and collective experiences of similarities and differences between cultures that emerged unexpectedly caused significant discomfort and unanticipated culture shock. This

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The Elsewhere beyond Religious Concerns

Annalisa Butticci and Amira Mittermaier

can see the Nigerian Pentecostals’ preoccupation and frustration about their imposed African otherness. In fact, they object to the use of words and descriptions that could vaguely recall the stereotypes that have been defining them as irrational

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Tax Beyond the Social Contract

Nicolette Makovicky and Robin Smith

region's population and the capital, as Istrians perceived the inspectors’ behavior to be motivated by ethnic stereotypes. Indeed, Istrians believed that fiskalizacija was based on a truncated view of their role as economic agents, ignoring the

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“Nowhere near Somalia, Mom”

On containerizing maritime piracy and being good men

Adrienne Mannov

for himself,” he told me. Both men seemed to valorize certain notions of masculinity that researchers Smith and Kimmel recognize as “very traditional and stereotype definitions of masculinity” among straight, white men from Western countries, including

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Sara Selwood and Lillia McEnaney

.” Careful to avoid colonial tropes of spirituality, the exhibition faces these settler stereotypes head-on: There are many popular misconceptions about Indigenous religions and spiritualities. Non-Indigenous people often overlook the diversity of beliefs

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Issues of Gender Representation in Modern Greek Art

The Case of Thaleia Flora-Caravia's Photographic Images and Self-Portraits

Despoina Tsourgianni

painting is indicative of a whole field of role construction and interchange, through the acceptance or reformation of established stereotypes. As a result, we are faced either with the same canonical modes characterizing the photographs of male painters