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Transculturality in higher education

Supporting students’ experiences through praxis

Heidi A. Smith

mentally without acting out of stereotypes’ ( Wulf 2010: 39 ). The individual and collective experiences of similarities and differences between cultures that emerged unexpectedly caused significant discomfort and unanticipated culture shock. This

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Enacting inclusivity in the preparation of emerging scholars

A response to programme reform in higher education

Saran Stewart, Chayla Haynes, and Kristin Deal

Mountain region, my sense of self in society was categorised by stereotypic profiling of being Black in a predominantly White state. I wrote in one of my reflections that regardless of my doctoral status at the university, that on the street, ‘as much as I

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“Nowhere near Somalia, Mom”

On containerizing maritime piracy and being good men

Adrienne Mannov

for himself,” he told me. Both men seemed to valorize certain notions of masculinity that researchers Smith and Kimmel recognize as “very traditional and stereotype definitions of masculinity” among straight, white men from Western countries, including

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Issues of Gender Representation in Modern Greek Art

The Case of Thaleia Flora-Caravia's Photographic Images and Self-Portraits

Despoina Tsourgianni

painting is indicative of a whole field of role construction and interchange, through the acceptance or reformation of established stereotypes. As a result, we are faced either with the same canonical modes characterizing the photographs of male painters

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Beth Pickard

message about disabled students being in need of help affirms the widely discussed stereotype of disabled people as archetypal objects of pity ( Baglieri and Shapiro 2017 ; Brown 2014 ; Goodley 2017 ; Stramondo 2010 ; Tremain 2017 ). Examples of

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Pedagogy in Action

Rethinking Ethnographic Training and Practice in Action Anthropology

Mark K. Watson

south, especially connecting family members with those who had gone missing in the city; to promote the use and learning of Inuktitut in Montreal; and to combat the prevalent negative stereotypes of Inuit in the media, particularly urban media, by making

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Heather Wurtz and Olivia Wilkinson

innovation too; and that local faith actors are problematic because they are prone to proselytization, yet with little appreciation of the nuance of religious expression and motivations. Generalizations and stereotypes from a Northern perspective categorize

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Black October

Comics, Memory, and Cultural Representations of 17 October 1961

Claire Gorrara

, contesting negative stereotyping of Algerians living in France. 51 Jan Baetens, “History against the Grain: On the Relationship between Visual Aesthetics and Historical Interpretation in the Contemporary Spanish Graphic Novel,” Rethinking History: The

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Austrian “Gypsies” in the Italian archives

Historical ethnography on multiple border crossings at the beginning of the twentieth century

Paola Trevisan

anti-Gypsyism in Europe .” In When stereotype meets prejudice: Antiziganism in European societies , ed. Timofey Agarin , 25 – 42 . Stuttgart : Ibidem . Weigl , Marius . 2018 . “ Wissenschaft—Verwaltung— Polizei: Zur ‘Lösung der Zigeunerfrage

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Greagh Smith, Conal McCarthy, Bronwyn Labrum, Ken Arnold, Dominique Poulot, Jill Haley, Jun Wei, and Safua Akeli Amaama

. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2020. The words “Soviet design” conjure up the stereotype common in contemporary discourse that socialist material culture was clumsy, unoriginal, and plagiaristic of Western design. In Comradely Objects: Design and