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A Radical Democratic Lens to Rejuvenating European Union Democracy Support

Thinking about the Political with a Capital P

Nathan Vandeputte

In 2019, the European Union implemented democracy aid projects in 37 countries, totaling €147 million. This is an increase of about 28 percent compared to the year prior (EU 2019) and therefore could be seen as indicative of an increasing

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Cross-Border Cultural Cooperation in European Border Regions

Sites and Senses of ‘Place’ across the Irish Border

Giada Laganà and Timothy J. White

With the window of opportunity arising in the aftermath of the 1994 ceasefires, which instigated a move towards peace in Northern Ireland, the European Union (EU) created the PEACE programme funding. The package was overwhelmingly concentrated on

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Social Quality and Working Poverty in the European Union and Slovakia in Particular

Michaela Milena Schubertová and Mária Antalová

societal patterns and processes. The reason for discussing working poverty in detail lies in the worrying increase of this phenomenon both in Slovakia and in the European Union and elsewhere in the world. At present, the war in Ukraine is leading to an

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Brexit, Liminality, and Ambiguities of Belonging

French Citizens in London

Deborah Reed-Danahay

The Brexit process has affected the lives of “middling” mobile Europeans living in the UK, who have experienced uncertainty as their legal status and social position have shifted. Based on ethnographic research during the years 2015–2020 among French citizens living in London, I draw upon the concepts of liminality, social drama, and precarity to analyze the effects of the unfolding events triggered by the United Kingdom’s 2016 referendum to leave the European Union (Brexit) on their everyday lives and trajectories. Although there is much diversity among the French in London, my longitudinal perspective suggests that the social drama of the Brexit process raises questions about the precarity of the mobile EU middle class and the strength of their European and national affiliations.

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Fearing Brexit

The Changing Face of Europeanization in the Borderlands of Northern Ireland

Thomas M. Wilson

In the United Kingdom’s “Brexit” referendum in 2016 the majority of votes cast in Northern Ireland were in favor of the UK staying a member state of the European Union. This support was strong, and remains so, in the Northern Ireland borderlands, where ethnographic research shows particularly widespread identification with Europe among Irish nationalists. This article explores ways that Northern Ireland borderlanders see their relatively strong association with the Europe of the EU within the context of the Brexit process that has engulfed all of the people of the British and Irish isles since 2016. Borderlanders fear that Brexit may bring back a “hard border,” which would subvert over twenty years of peace, reconciliation and cross-border economic and political development.

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Non-democracy tolerance

Venezuela in Mercosur and Hungary in the European Union

Tainá Siman

based on two major cases for Europe and Latin America: the case of Hungary in the European Union and the case of Venezuela in Mercosur. Democratic clauses in Mercosur and the case of Venezuela The new wave of regionalism ( Soderbaum, 2015 ) in

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Britain, Brexit and Euroscepticism

Anthropological Perspectives on Angry Politics, Technopopulism and the UK Referendum

Cris Shore

Commission to be the executive and he wanted the Council of Ministers to be the Senate. No, no, no. ( BBC 1990 ) Two years later Mrs Thatcher was forced to resign and was replaced by John Major. But the EU was changing. The 1993 Treaty on European Union

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Leadership for inclusiveness

Advancing gender equality in development

Bandana Rana, Tara Lipovina, Mónica Carrasco Gómez, and Perla O. Fragoso Lugo

. 83). These concepts—wealth, power, work, and time—are the defining themes of European Union gender equality strategies. After 12 years of compliance with the EU gender equality strategies, a small Candidate Country in the South-East of Europe

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Managing a Multiplicity of Interests

The Case of Irregular Migration from Libya

Melissa Phillips

-accelerated entry into the European Union. Since the 2011 revolution, Libya has been grappling with serious governance, economic, and security matters. Throughout this period there has been no reduction in irregular arrivals by sea, a marked increase in the number

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Heritage Diplomacy Discourses in the EU

Notions on Cultural Diplomacy, Cultural Heritage, and Intercultural Dialogue among EU Officials and Heritage Practitioners

Tuuli Lähdesmäki

The European Commission has recently identified cultural heritage as one of the focus areas for EU cultural diplomacy. The article explores EU cultural diplomacy that deals with cultural heritage and discusses the concept of heritage diplomacy based on a discourse analysis of interviews with EU officials and heritage practitioners working at sites awarded the European Heritage Label. How do EU officials and heritage practitioners understand the role of cultural heritage for cultural diplomacy and what kinds of discourses do they use in talking about it? My analysis indicates that heritage diplomacy means different things for EU officials and heritage practitioners. Their discourses on the uses of cultural heritage for diplomacy construct divergent understandings of cultural heritage and heritage diplomacy, and the power relations between these understandings.