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Understanding networks of actors involved in refugee access to higher education in Canada, England and France

A digital comparative approach

Melody Viczko, Marie-Agnès Détourbe, and Shannon McKechnie

involved in addressing refugee access to higher education in three countries: Canada, England and France. Our findings suggest that the nature of the issues for refugee access to higher education is taken up and constructed quite differently in each

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The Gendered Necropolitics of Migration Control in a French Postcolonial Periphery

Nina Sahraoui

This article examines the postcolonial politics of migration control in Mayotte, an overseas French department, and argues that these bear necropolitical consequences. It sheds light on the gendered dimension of this necropolitical power by focusing on the life and border-crossing experiences of undocumented Comorian women. Entrenched barriers to the regularization of their administrative status endanger their access to healthcare and degrade the conditions for life long-term. The constant risk of arrest and massive forced removals furthermore engender dangerous border crossings, each instance exposing the passengers to the risk of death. The article also foregrounds that these necropolitics are exacerbated as a result of the postcolonial conundrum in which Mahoran elites find themselves, with the increasing support of Black and Muslim elites for the French far-right political party.

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“God's Mighty Arm Makes the French Victorious”

The French Revolutionary Deists Who Believed in Miracles

Joseph Waligore

participated in or supported the French Revolution. Many of these French Revolutionary deists claimed that God miraculously aided their revolution by protecting the French army and by exposing enemy plots. Some of these deists pointed to specific times that God

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Le “7 épices” libanais

Un substitut heureux au piment de Jamaïque ?

Aïda Kanafani-Zahar

unisexuées chez lesquelles les fleurs mâles et les fleurs femelles sont sur deux pieds distincts » (Le Grand Robert de la langue française, édition en ligne ). Pimenta dioica « was

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Commons, Associations, and Possibilities of Egalitarian Life in Paris, France

Knut Rio

of egalitarian life in France, as one among many possibilities in the comparison of egalitarian formations that we present in this special issue, I propose that we look at the commons in that capacity of being governed exceptions. For understanding

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The State of Emergency at Home

House Arrests, House Searches, and Intimacies in France

Flora Hergon

Between November 2015 and October 2017, 4,469 house searches were conducted and 754 house arrests were ordered in France. 1 These measures were implemented in the context of the state of emergency declared after the terrorist attacks in Paris on

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Reinforcing Authentic Intimacy?

Relationships between an Escort Boy and His Male Clients in the Spectre of COVID-19 in France

Kostia Lennes

‘free’ and reciprocally undertaken in a mutually pleasurable encounter. The Lockdown During the lockdown that was decreed in March 2020 by the French government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Valentin stayed in his small Parisian flat. He

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Qui, entre Orient et Occident, mange de la viande, quelle viande et pourquoi ?

Jean-Pierre Digard

subsaharienne, ou celui, relativement nouveau en Europe, dans le cadre de la diversification des productions animales, de la « venaison bouchère » (cerfs, bisons, autruches d'élevage). En France, les principales espèces domestiques servant à la boucherie sont

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Corinne Fortier

manière de la connaître en profondeur : sa poésie amoureuse. Corinne Fortier , Researcher at the French National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) – Social Anthropology Laboratory (LAS), Paris, France Notes 1 Voir à ce sujet, Fortier, C. (2004

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Looking for the child soldier

The judicial investigation in the case of Thomas Lubanga Dyilo

Milena Jakšić

rule 74-10, which protects witnesses involved in the events from any self-incrimination (see ICC 2019 ). Their testimony is recorded and posted in English and French on the ICC's website. Parts of their testimony are redacted to protect their identity