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Democratic Procedures Are Not Inherently Democratic

A Critical Analysis of John Keane's The New Despotism (Harvard University Press, 2020)

Gergana Dimova

theory (in the way Keane implicitly draws on a novel conception of human nature). This review article seeks to elucidate the pillars of Keane's concept of the new despotism, and to situate it in the broader scholarship of democracy and authoritarianism

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Jean-Paul Gagnon, Hans Asenbaum, Dannica Fleuss, Sonia Bussu, Petra Guasti, Rikki Dean, Pierrick Chalaye, Nardine Alnemr, Friedel Marquardt, and Alexander Weiss

we contribute to the contemporary struggle against the “march of authoritarianism[s]” ( Berberoglu 2020 ). The study of democracy's marginalized meanings contributes to this struggle in three important ways: (1) it offers a greater number of

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Phillip Becher, Katrin Becker, Kevin Rösch, and Laura Seelig

jeopardize it—above all, demands for democratization—mean that the ordoliberal conception of the state is indeed at least open to authoritarian forms of government ( Biebricher 2018: 72 ). According to Röpke, a weak state arises from “unhealthy pluralism

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Democracy's Conceptual Politics

Liberalism and Its Others

Christopher Hobson

contemporary struggle against the ‘march of authoritarianism[s]’.” This is a laudable aim and there are valid reasons to be concerned, yet when it comes to democracy, doubt is never far away. Now it is people like Timothy Snyder and Yascha Mounk building their

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Democracies in the Ethnosphere

An Anthropologist's Lived Experiences of Indigenous Democratic Cultures

Wade Davis and Jean-Paul Gagnon

improve or salvage the liberal democratic order? I would argue that we desperately need these surprising conversations between cultures or else we are left with what: the crumbling order of liberal democracy and a technocratic authoritarianism to sweep up

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Takamichi Sakurai

of authoritarian political regime’ ( Bach 2006: 192 ). The eminent theorist of fascism Roger Griffin further defines fascism as a ‘revolutionary form of ultra-nationalism that attempts to realize the myth of the regenerated nation’ (2012: 1). On the

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Abel B.S. Gaiya

differences through civil war, insurgency and authoritarian repression. Yet with sixty years of all these experiments, GDP per capita (constant, in 2010 US dollars) in 2019 remains just 11.2 per cent above the 1977 level (World Bank 2021a); poverty rates

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The Prospects for Socialist Politics in South Africa

Global and Domestic Trends Following the Failed SRWP Experiment

Giovanni Poggi and Ongama Mtimka

prospects for socialist reform in the modern era. The unfortunate story told of Marxist–Leninism has been one of (often-violent) repression and authoritarianism, notwithstanding the apparent commitment to this version of leftist political economy among some

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Stephen Louw, Michiel Meijer, and Tom Angier

, critical, and imaginative biography of one of Africa's great yet flawed leaders. My one criticism is his tendency to downplay some of Sankara's authoritarianism, and to attribute this too easily to the context in which he lived. For example, we are told

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Ethnicity, Homogeneity, Nation

A Relationship of Tension

Samuel Salzborn

ultimately determines the question of stability or instability of states. Unlike authoritarian or totalitarian systems, democratic systems are characterised by conflicts of interest and power struggles that do not contest sovereignty but rather enable its