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Picturesque Savagery on Display

Exhibition of Indigenous People, Science and Commerce in Argentina (1898–1904)

Diego Ballestero

structural advantages offered by urban spaces when conducting fieldwork. He was born in Posen in 1872. Between 1890 and 1896 he studied at the universities of Freiburg, Berlin and Munich. At Munich, he obtained his doctorates in philosophy (1894) and medicine

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Research Methodology in Kurdish Studies

Interactions between Fieldwork, Epistemology and Theory

Mehmet Orhan

domination and legitimation in societies, likely resulting from the separate discussion of theory and observation (see Shil's foreword to Weber 1949 ). This problem has certainly lessened due to the development of methodological and fieldwork techniques

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Autobiography in Anthropology, Then and Now

Helena Wulff

experience of the fieldworker, his or her emotional reactions, and issues related to gender, age and race – in the research and later even the use of “I” in the writing – came from the ‘writing culture’ movement in the United States. This early resistance

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Introduction: World Fairs, Exhibitions and Anthropology

Revisiting Contexts of Post-colonialism

Patrícia Ferraz de Matos, Hande Birkalan-Gedik, Andrés Barrera-González, and Pegi Vail

anthropologists to gather ‘scientific’ data since they allegedly offered opportunities for fieldwork. Fairs were more convenient to researchers as people from distant countries were brought ‘here’ (to their home countries), whereby anthropologists otherwise

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The Mise-en-Scène of Modernity

Exposición Internacional del Centenario, Buenos Aires (1910)

Nicolas Freeman

was watching a television that sat on a bracket in the wall. Mendoza (the owner) brought me my coffee and joined Bambi at his table. I was seated at a separate table to their left. During eighteen months fieldwork in the city between 2018 and 2019, I

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Dmitry V. Arzyutov and Sergei A. Kan

One of the fundamental principles of anthropology is that it is based on fieldwork. 1 It is the field that “helps define anthropology as a discipline in both senses of the word, constructing a space of possibilities while at the same time drawing

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Sensory Perception of Rock Art in East Siberia and the Far East

Soviet Archeological “Discoveries” and Indigenous Evenkis

Donatas Brandišauskas

certain sites and river basins, requiring offerings and punishing those who refuse to show respect. All members of the expedition agreed that everyone involved in the fieldwork knows how important it is to follow the local taiga ethics. Any local villager

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Dmitry V. Arzyutov

What do we know about the fieldwork of the ethnographers/anthropologists of the North? How did they organize their research and what ideas have they left behind in their now archived field notes? Historians of anthropology along with anthropologists

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Csaba Mészáros

materials and argumentation under a unified framework. Takakura has conducted fieldwork in Yakutia since the early 1990s and has experience in rural Sakha and Even lifestyles and communities. Although his early studies initially focused on reindeer herder

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Livestock Dung Use in Steppe Pastoralism

Renewable Resources, Care, and Respect for Sentient Nonhumans

Victoria Soyan Peemot

Siberian and Inner Asian pastoralism, as well as on my fieldwork observations and emic experience, to approach the Tyva pastoralists’ livestock dung-related practices as analytical tools that contribute to studies of the triadic relationship between