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Autobiography in Anthropology, Then and Now

Helena Wulff

experience of being a Polish migrant woman in Northern Ireland. In her retrospective article, Judith Okely (2022: 9) mentions the role of photographs, selected by the contributors to Anthropology and Autobiography, as they ‘reveal the personal identity

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Fusion and Reform

The Potential for Identity Fusion to Reduce Recidivism and Improve Reintegration

Harvey Whitehouse and Robin Fitzgerald

been appreciated that episodic and autobiographic memory, including the visceral qualities of flashbulb memory ( Conway 1995 ), play an important role in shaping personal identities and are widely exploited by religious and military rituals to build

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I Alien

Crises of Presence and the Habitus of Migrancy

João Pina-Cabral

Kroeber (1961: 126) put it, by contrast to California Indians, “personal identity for man in modern Western civilization resides first of all in the family name to which he is born.” To the officer, the student appeared to be missing what all persons

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Autobiography, Anthropology

A Personal Historical Recollection

Judith Okely

available for all to read and celebrate. Instead, it has been important to explore some of the context of its emergence. But I should mention something about the photographs. They indeed reveal the personal identity of the specific researcher, including the

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Who is the Digital Sovereign?

Rahel Süß

argues “collective identity building continues to be an important practice for social movements online, and that we need to overcome the view of personal identity and collective identity as mutually opposed and appreciate instead how they can mutually

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Tempered radicalism

A model for navigating academic practice and identity in the twenty-first-century neoliberal university?

Marita le Vaul-Grimwood, Vani Naik, Cameron Graham, Zack Moir, and Fiona Smart

pluralistic. Meyerson and Scully (1995: 587 ) noted the following: In the tempered radical, both the professional and the personal identities are strong and salient; they do not appear alternately for special situations. In most situations, the pull of

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Book Reviews

Sinem Gunes, Senem Kaptan, David M.R. Orr, Diana Jiménez Thomas R., and Thomas M. Wilson

Israel as well as a ‘foreign scholar’ in Canada and Spain, Gazit shows how ‘the researcher's social and personal identity…turns into an active ingredient in the production of knowledge’ (263). Despite this astute observation, it is surprising to see the

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Understanding Claims Regarding the Ease of Improving Public Morale

Jerome Braun

, something that seems particularly important given the rise in importance of issues of personal identity as social order has declined, partly because of the social complexity and sometimes downright disorder produced by pervasive economic change. No doubt

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Sacred Lineages of Samarqand: History and Identity

Azim Malikov

), Making Uzbekistan: Nation, Empire, and Revolution in the Early USSR . ( Ithaca, NY : Cornell University Press ). Layder , D. ( 2004 ), Social and Personal Identity: Understanding Yourself ( London, Thousandoaks. New Delhi : Sage ). Louw , M

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Enacting inclusivity in the preparation of emerging scholars

A response to programme reform in higher education

Saran Stewart, Chayla Haynes, and Kristin Deal

States, we identify as White American, Black American, and Black Jamaican, further problematising our lived experiences and entrance into this doctoral programme. Though we all identify as cis-gender women (i.e., our personal identity and gender aligns