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Autobiography in Anthropology

A Thirty Year Retrospective

Patrick Laviolette and Aleksandar Bošković

The year 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Helen Callaway and Judith Okely's edited anthology Anthropology and Autobiography. During that generational span, which roughly mirrors the life history of this journal, the book has had

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Autobiography, Anthropology

A Personal Historical Recollection

Judith Okely

The book Anthropology and Autobiography, which I co-edited with the now late Helen Callaway, has an extended early history before its completion, drawing on what was once declared highly controversial, indeed unpublishable. Decades later, many

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Towards Critical Analytical Auto-Ethnography

Global Pandemic and Migrant Women (Im)mobilities in Northern Ireland

Marta Kempny

study. Helen Callaway (1992) in this context argues that it is always impossible to separate what in a woman's experience is due to being a woman from what is due to being middle-class, being married, etc. In a similar way, as Okely aptly puts it, the

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Rihab Azar

would call it studying “inward.” I agree with Okely and Callaway (1992: 228) that this does not mean that “anthropology should be about the anthropologist's self: rather, it must be informed by it.” 5 One example is the story of Part III of the

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Echo and the Ecumene

Grasping the Estonian National Museum

Art Leete and Patrick Laviolette

an equivalence in seconds to the time span in years since Anthropology and Autobiography ( Okely and Callaway 1992 ) was published. References Bartmanski , D. and M. Fuller (2018), ‘Reconstructing Berlin: Materiality and Meaning in the

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Gareth E. Hamilton

:// . Okely , J. ( 1992 ), ‘ Anthropology and Autobiography: Participatory Experience and Embodied Knowledge ’, in J. Okely and H. Callaway (eds), Anthropology and Autobiography ( London : Routledge ), 1 – 28 . Okely , J. ( 2010